Hunt group

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Main topics covered: what is hunt group and how hunt groups are used.

Hunt group refers to a group of users (PBX extensions) that are logically linked for to handle a specific call flow jointly. Usually, hunt groups are based on functional teams, e.g. sales, finances, accounting, support.

Upon receiving a call, the PBX analyzes

  • caller and called id,
  • time of day,
  • IVR information

and transfers the call to a particular group of employees, intended to serve this type of calls. In its turn, call distribution among hunt group members can be based on various algorithms and depends on business processes.

Usually, hunt group, as well as its members, has an extension number.

Hunt groups are used to reduce the amount of missed calls, to forward a call to the most relevant employee, and to diminish time-to-answer. That is to improve customer experience.