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In this article, we discussed what is hosted PBX and what is the difference between hosted and virtual (cloud) PBX.

What is hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX is a business phone system that is delivered as a hosted service. It means that the call platform and PBX features are hosted at the service provider location. Hosted PBX service is provided in a bundle with phone numbers, local and long distance phone service.

Hosted PBX is almost a synonym to virtual/cloud PBX and brings the same benefits to users.

Is there any difference between hosted and virtual/cloud PBX?

Generally speaking, hosted PBX is a wider term. There are two points here.

  1. Cloud PBX assumes shared between companies pool of communal resources. It is a cheap and high scalable solution. Hosted PBX may be of cloud type, but hosting may be of VPS or dedicated type. It means that PBXs of different companies don’t share communal resources and service is not so scalable. This difference is negligible for the small business market since in this case cloud solution dominates. But for the corporate market, this is essential because both types of hosting exist.
  2. it is sometimes said that a virtual PBX handles only inbound calls whereas hosted PBX handles both inbound and outbound calls. But such understanding of a difference between virtual and hosted PBX is not adopted everywhere. Most cloud business phone systems that can handle outbound calls and have sufficient functionality are called virtual PBXs. Make thing worse, the terms virtual, cloud and hosted are used randomly, and the term selection is determined by marketing but not technical reasons.

Conclusion. We can consider virtual/cloud and hosted PBXs as synonyms but pay attention to what features the product has in reality.