Caller id based routing

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Points covered:

  • What is caller id based routing?
  • Use cases examples

What is caller id based routing?

Caller id based routing is a call routing depending on the phone number of the caller. It means that PBX can forward calls from different customers to different employees, groups of employees, voicemails or voice menus. Companies use caller id based routing

  • to apply different service rules to different customer segments
  • to provide personal service

Use cases examples

  • Business phone system tries to determine whether the calling client is secured by a personal manager. If so, PBX forwards the customer call directly to the manager, bypassing the IVR and the receptionist.
  • Business phone system checks whether the caller belongs to a black list. If so, forward the call directly to voicemail.
  • PBX provides special service to the most valuable clients. For example, PBX forwards their calls to manager after business hours, whereas other callers hear after hour greeting. As another example, cloud PBX forwards VIP call directly to a mobile of general manager, bypassing call queue.
  • PBX reminds the calling debtor about overdue payment.
  • Customer calls from various cities are forwarded to local shops.

Sometimes, in order to classify customer on the basis of their number, business phone system uses information from CRM, billing or help desk.