Called number based routing

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Topics covered:

  • What is called number routing?
  • Use cases

What is called number routing?

Called number routing is a call routing that depends on the phone number dialed by a caller. It means that a company has several access numbers, and each number has its own routing rules. Dialed access number is one of the parameters that allows PBX to understand the reason of call.

Sometimes, then calls to different access numbers can be routed to the same extension, it is convenient to display on user phone not caller number but a dialed access number. This is the case when to know a reason (or project) of a call is more important than a number of calling client. The best virtual PBXs enable users to choose what number to display in a case of incoming call.

Use cases

Entrepreneurs and companies use called number based routing

  • to separate private life and work
  • to separate different projects from each other
  • to facilitate client access to different services of the company (e.g. accounting, premium support etc)
  • to set special business rule for handling calls from different marketing campaigns or related to different product lines