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Topics discussed hereafter:

  • What is call queue?
  • How does call queue work?
  • What is call queue used for?

What is call queue?

Sometimes a particular extension of PBX, person or group, can’t answer an incoming call because all operators are busy. In such a case PBX can place the call to a queue. The call will be routed to the employee that become free, according to the established call distribution algorithm.

How does call queue work?

Usually, PBX breaks up incoming calls into groups on the basis of such parameters as a reason of call, type of calling customer, time of day. So, incoming calls are placed into several call queues. For example, a queue of calling prospects for the sales team, a queue of calling clients for the support team and so on.

Sometimes, queues support additional functionality. During waiting for the answer, a customer can listen to special greetings, messages, music, information about estimated time to wait in a queue and so on. Several call centers support virtual queues. A caller in a virtual queue can end up a call, and the system will call him back when there is a free operator.

What is call queue used for?

The main purpose of call queue is to reduce the number of missed calls and to improve customer service.