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What is call forwarding

Call forwarding (call diversion) is an automatic redirection of a phone call to another destination depending on some conditions. The new destination may be a mobile or fixed-line number, VoIP number, voicemail.

Use cases

Сall forwarding is widely used in personal communications. For example, a user can set that all incoming calls to his mobile phone should be redirected to a home phone. Under some conditions or mandatory.

Business phone systems use call forwarding to implement Find me/Follow me service. It means that when PBX receives a call, it begins to ring all phones belonging to a user, usually simultaneously or sequentially. As a result, the user will not miss an important call.

Sometimes the term call forwarding is used instead of call routing or call distribution. It is correct if we want to emphasize the result — call redirection from one number to another. But if we want to emphasize that phone system makes a decision how to route an incoming call or what employee is the best for call receiving, it is better to say call routing and call distribution.

Call forwarding is the basis of such a service of cloud communications as virtual number. After all, the essence of virtual number is call forwarding from virtual number to actual phone numbers (mobile, fixed, VoIP).