Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

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What is ACD?

ACD is a system that optimally distributes (in other words routes) incoming calls among users or user groups on the basis of predefined rules. Usually, companies use ACD in the case of a rather significant call flow then callers need not a particular person but a particular service, e.g. sales or support. The task of ACD is to forward a call to best suitable sales or support team members.

Where is the place of ACD in business phone systems?

ACD is usually part of a PBX or call center. But sometimes ACD is a standalone system. In such a case, PBX delivers to ACD information about a call. ACD decides there the call should be routed to and informs PBX. In its turn, PBX forwards the call to the destination.

How to choose a routing strategy

Business rules of customer service determine a routing strategy. The routing strategy is implemented in a set of predefined rules and describes an optimal choice of call destination in different business situations. To make an optimal routing decision ACD needs information about a reason of the call, characteristics of calling customer, available choice of employees, business rules and processes, time of day, history of communications with the caller and so on.

A reason of the call can be supposed from IVR information, caller and called numbers. Information about a type of calling customer is deduced from caller number, CRM or helpdesk system data. Characteristics of operators are defined by their presence status, qualification, loading etc.

After taking into account all these parameters ACD selects one of the predetermined call distribution algorithms. ACD can support several call distribution algorithms: simultaneous, sequential, for the freest, round-robin etc. See how to use call distribution algorithms in different business conditions in this article:

Choosing ACD

The more variety of call distribution algorithms and parameters that ACD takes into account, the better a company can choose a call handling logic that is the most suitable for business processes.
User-friendly cloud (virtual) PBXs usually have simple visual tool for an easy design of call handling logic by non-professionals.