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  • Business Number

    Business Number

    Whether your customers are all over the US and Canada, or closer to home, MightyCall has your number. We offer toll-free numbers with any of our plans, and have local US and Canadian numbers for any area code. Or how about a vanity or custom number featuring your business name? And if you need more than one number, MightyCall has you covered. You can also buy a local number in other countries. A list of those countries

  • Call forwarding

    Call forwarding

    Just one number for all your calls! Make it easy for customers to reach you the first time and do away with multiple numbers on your business card or website.
    With MightyCall you can call-forward to any device(s) — smartphone, office or VoIP phone — at the same time. You can forward calls, say, to a certain device based on employee availability or time-of-day.

  • Port Existing Number

    Port Existing Number

    Want to keep your existing number? We’ll be happy to do it for you. If someday you decide to leave MightyCall, you’ll be able to port your business number(s) out to your next phone provider. We port your phone number into our system and out for free.

  • Outbound business number calls

    Outbound business number calls

    You can make calls from your personal cell phone — or even your PC or laptop — using your MightyCall number, so clients will only ever see your business number. Keep your personal mobile number personal.

  • WebPhone


    MightyCall WebPhone allows you to make and receive calls from your MightyCall number using your browser. When you or your colleagues are at the computer, you don’t need a phone device — just plug in your headset to make and receive calls with your business number. Or don’t plug in if you don’t mind “speakerphone”!

  • Call queue

    Call queue

    A call queue allows you to manage large call volumes with limited staff, cut down on missed calls and voicemails, and present a professional experience for customers.

  • Black & White lists

    Black & White lists

    You can sort callers into “lists”: a “White” list for preferred clients, so you’re always ready to take their calls, and a “Black” list, to keep those pesky spam callers at bay!

  • Business & non-business hours

    Business & non-business hours

    MightyCall gives you the flexibility to set your operating hours. You can set the timing for call forwarding to a particular team member after hours, or simply direct to voicemail. It’s all up to you!

  • Find me follow me

    Find me follow me

    Is there any chance that your client can’t reach you at your business number? To avoid missing calls to your MightyCall number you can add up to three alternative existing phone numbers. For example, two different cell phone numbers and a landline. You can set them to ring simultaneously or try one, then try another and so on. MightyCall gives you the flexibility to choose who takes what calls and when!

  • Custom greeting

    Custom greeting

    MightyCall allows you to greet clients with different messages, depending on who’s calling and when. A professional voice greeting helps you make the best first impression possible for your customers. Greet callers with tailor-made messages and start making your client interactions more efficient. Don’t forget the music that’s played while on hold.

  • Voicemail


    You can’t take every one of your customers’ calls. But where do they leave voicemails? Does the message always sound professional? With MightyCall, you can have a one-stop, cover-all voicemail greeting for your company. Messages are sent to your MightyCall Web Interface and MightyCall Mobile App, which can then easily be delivered to anyone in your company. Give everyone in your team a dedicated voicemail box.

  • Call screening

    Call screening

    Of course, with MightyCall you don’t lose the power to see who’s calling you. If you prefer not to take that call, you can simply send it to your MightyCall voicemail!

  • Text messages

    Text messages

    MightyCall lets you send vital, short information via SMS/text message from your smartphone or PC. Texting feature allows you to send and receive SMS from and to your MightyCall local (non toll-free) business number. But don’t forget to double-check that autocorrect! Recipients can reply via their own SMS.

  • Contact Us widget

    Contact Us widget

    Make your website work even harder with our “Contact Us” widget. It allows you to create your own contact form for your site. Your clients will be able to send a call back request, emails and call you directly from the website.

  • Click-to-Call widget

    Click-to-Call widget

    MightyCall Click-to-Call is the fastest way to turn website visitors into customers. No need to leave the page to type the number into their phone!
    With MightyCall’s Click-to-Call widget, you can hyperlink the business number anywhere on your website, so callers can click on it to dial you direct.

  • E-mail integration

    E-mail integration

    If you have email with access for several team members (sales@…., support@….) you can get your inbox integrated in MightyCall activity queue. You will be able to convert them into a “To Do” item, assign “To Do” item to a team member and track. All email requests from your “Contact Us” form will also go into the same MightyCall activity queue.

  • Social media tracker

    Social media tracker

    Keep track of your social media accounts and updates. Find out what people are saying about your business, answer questions and enhance your public profile. With MightyCall’s social media tracker you don’t miss an important message. Connect your MightyCall account to a Twitter/Facebook account and your direct messages and mentions will automatically be turned into tasks and added to the activity queue.

  • Statistics history dashboard

    Statistics history dashboard

    Stay on top your communications activities by tracking what happened, when, for how long, by whom. With the Statistics History dashboard, you can see how you and your team handle all activities like missed, incoming or outbound calls, voicemails, tasks and social events. Also how many of them you receive, how many are answered and when.

  • Multichannel activity dashboard

    Multichannel activity dashboard

    MightyCall activity dashboard is a list of your phone calls, email or call-back requests, to-dos, voicemails etc. — with a responsible person assigned to each. MightyCall takes care of how long it should take to react to each incoming request. For example, people expect a response to their tweet within one hour, to a callback request — within two hours, and an email within one day. MightyCall can highlight priority items in the activity queue.

  • Mobile App for iOS & Android

    Mobile App for iOS & Android

    Respond to calls, voicemails, missed calls, and texts from your business number — plus much more! See how the MightyCall mobile app for iOS and Android can change the way you do business!

  • Many users

    Many users

    You can choose how many users and extensions you want. So your clients can easily reach a specific person within your organization. You can also unite several users into a group. Then assign a task to a group or even call a group — you’ll speak to the first group member to pick up (no conferencing). You can assign an extension to a whole group, and allow clients to dial, say, “sales” or “customer service”.

  • IVR


    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus allow callers to interact with a phone system via the numpad of their phones. For example, “Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support and press 3 to leave a voicemail.”

  • Conference calling

    Conference calling

    Conference Calling is a must-have, even for a small business. With MightyCall you can combine several phone calls into one or put your call on hold to make a second (consultation) call just by using your phone keypad.

  • Call recording

    Call recording

    Continuous improvement and commitment to quality — we can help! MightyCall’s Call Recording feature lets you record clients calls, so you can ensure you and your team are giving all the right advice and service to your customers.

Extend, if needed!

  • Extra number
    $5 Month
  • International number
    $10 Month
  • Call recording
    $15 Month
  • 250 Text Messages
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