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Never Miss A Customer Call Again | No Equipment to Buy | Forward Calls to Any Phone

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MightyCall is a simple and inexpensive dentist phone system that drills the competition! Brush up on your customer service skills. We provide beneficial features such as:

And much more. Get connected with your customers using MightyCall today!

Does your practice already have an established phone number?

No problem! We can transfer your current number to the MightyCall virtual phone system for a one time fee of $20.

Do you need a new number?

We can provide your business with a local or a toll free number, or both if you need them! It’s important to have a number where your customers can reach you at, and being able to use your cell phone will help you manage and delegate who will respond.

Have any questions?

Please give us a call today at +1 (888) 256-8312 and we will be happy to answer all of your questions!

“Our office phone system will make your operation run as smooth as a recontoured tooth!”


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