How a Virtual Receptionist Can Boost Customer Experience

Edmund Tee
Edmund Tee
21 August 2014 Business Insights, Tips and Tricks

Ever wondered what goes through customers’ mind when they call in and are put on hold by your company’s virtual receptionist?

Knowing this will help you better customer experience when you create the voice recording for when they have to wait for an operator to speak to.

We already know how much first impressions are formed by something as simple as a voice recording. Plus, it’s no mystery that customers have their “antenna” up and are looking for clues or signs of how competent a company is when they call in. A recorded phone message, while they are put on hold, is key to this process of constant evaluation.

How do you create a great impression? How do you create a great first experience for the customer?

Here are four questions on customers’ minds to consider when thinking of a script for your recorded phone messages.

How big is your company?

This is the first question that customers will ask, if they do not already know your company well. A big company is expected to have invested in a professional recording that greets customers once they get through on the phone. However, people are also wary of big companies, because they can be impersonal. Can your phone recording win them over both ways and provide them a pleasant experience?

Can you solve my problem?

Some callers just want their problem fixed — that’s why they’ve not turned to e-mail, which doesn’t guarantee an immediate response. How can a recording assure a customer that his problem will be solved when he is on hold? One way is to pre-empt what questions he is likely to have. Can a recording also include a background explainer of common issues, to educate a caller while he is on hold? This can be a little like an FAQ on a website, except it appears proactive.

Should I buy anything (else) from you?

This question relates to existing customers who may call in for support, as well as new ones who are calling to check out details of your product or service offerings. One way to clinch these deals is to anticipate what customers would pay for. Can a voice recording help promote your latest offerings while you have the “captive” audience on the line? One of our business partners who do a really good job with this is PostcardMania.

Can I trust your company?

Trust is tough to build, but it’s also hard to shake. At the end of a call, a customer could have formed one of the most important opinions of a company by deciding if it is one that he believes would work in his favor in the long term. Can a simple voice recording affect this? Perhaps not on its own, but messages can be crafted to reinforce the company’s commitment to customers to build stronger ties. For example, has your company been a recent recipient of industry awards or topped any customer polls?

Or, perhaps you can record a testimonial from your customer, and use that as an on-hold message?

Ultimately, asking a few simple questions can help put you in a customer’s shoes, and help take something that is purely administrative and turn it into your company’s hardest working advocate of customer experience.

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