Virtual Phone System — Everything You Need to Get Started

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
8 August 2014 Business Insights

The days of being stuck at a table, waiting for a phone to ring, are over thanks to the cellphone. Yet, many businesses still find it hard to “get away” from the desk when it comes to the most important calls from their customers.

It’s time to rethink old practices and embrace the flexibility and new features that a virtual phone system can provide.

As its name implies, a virtual phone system lets you enjoy traditional phone services — plus all the value-added options such as call forwarding and customizable message — without the upfront costs in deploying telephony equipment. Mobility is another big plus.

From dedicated business phone numbers to mobile apps that let you respond to customer requests on the go, virtual phone systems open up new and deeper engagements with customers.

Here are five steps to get started.

1. Rethink what you need

As your business grows, your communications needs multiply with the growing number of customers you sign up. Keeping them loyal means answering their calls and messages promptly. Consider the volume of “contacts” that has gone up since the start of your business and project how that may grow.

With that in mind, how many phone lines and manhours would be required to handle the increased traffic? How can you scale up, say, in the number of phone numbers and team members working on customer service, without turning to your telephony vendor all the time?

2. Nail down the specifics

Knowing what you want can be a tough task when switching from a system that has been around for decades. But consider some of the more popular options that a virtual system offers, especially ones that make your business appear more professional.

Would it help to have extensions for everyone in the office? What about call forwarding that can be customized according to the time of a call? Or, what about an automatic virtual attendant that answers your calls with a friendly voice message, instead of pushing a customer to a canned response?

The good news is, these options are usually offered as a bundle for many virtual phone systems. Unlike the old legacy systems of the past, there’s no long wait to turn on additional features. They are usually done easily via an administration module via the Web browser.

3. Pick a reliable partner

This cannot be more important, because a telephony partner provides the gateway to your business. Select a partner that cannot scale with you and you are hemmed in. Pick one who understands your business and together you can work towards higher customer service goals.

At MightyCall, we are backed by years of experience working with businesses big and small. Large enterprises trust our technology to run their mission-critical customer contact centers facing thousands of customers, while SMBs work closely with us to “force multiply” their businesses every day.

4. Test things out

Obviously, don’t take our word for it. MightyCall is free to try out, if you just take a few seconds to set up an account on our website. If you don’t like what we offer, you are free to disconnect from the service. However, we are certain you’ll stick with our much-loved offerings.

5. Get the word out

After everything tests out fine, get ready to get the word out to everyone. Be sure, of course, that extensive tests have been carried out before launching the new phone numbers and contact details on your name cards and website.

Does the voice forwarding give you a warning when a customer calls in? Is your mobile app capturing the daily statistics and correctly delegating tasks to team members? There’s nothing like a faulty communications channel to create a bad impression. So, double check.

With a fine-tuned virtual phone system, improvements will be clear. Though many things will seem transparent to most customers, the better response and service would eventually shine through.

Find out how MightyCall’s virtual phone system can boost your business.

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