(Un)expected Results of Call Recording

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
3 December 2015 Business Insights

«Your call may be recorded for training and verification purposes.» We’ve all heard this message from time to time, but are the calls really used this way? Call recording is not just for staff training, although that’s a significant advantage. There’s also quality assurance, business development (understanding which products and services attract the most attention), performance monitoring and corporate liability protection.

I met with my old college friend Collin the other day. I was really eager to know how his business was doing, especially that the last time I talked to him it was just him and his partner doing everything they could for that eCommerce start-up to really kick off. Turned out, it was going pretty well. They’ve even expanded their staff, now having 4 sales reps and 6 consultants with about 500 clients providing a stable income.

As both of us graduated in marketing, our conversation quickly shifted to discussing how customer satisfaction is crucial for leading a successful business in this economy. He was never a stranger to technological novelties, so when I asked him what’s new, I expected to hear about the newest gig everyone was talking about. But how surprised I was when he told me that he recently increased the customer satisfaction level by 15% with the help of old-fashioned call recording!

He told me that the phone system they purchased some time ago offered call recording, a feature they’d ignored for some time, thinking of it as somewhat unnecessary at the time. However, as he was looking to expand even more, he decided to finally turn it on, just to protect the company from possible legal disputes.

About five months after he’d announced that all calls would be recorded, he did an NPS (net promoter score) evaluation, which they do every six months. When he saw that it showed a 15% increase, he started investigating why. He soon realized that call recording was “to blame”. With no additional monitoring, the mere fact that the calls were recorded and could be reviewed by the management at any time influenced his employees to be more attentive to clients, which greatly affected customer satisfaction.

But the psychological trick described above is not the only thing call recording can do for a company. Here’s a list of other reasons not to disregard this feature when running a small business:

  1. Training

    A customer calls with an inquiry. Your employee quickly resolves it, even managing to sell some extra. The client is satisfied — everybody’s happy. That’s an ideal situation, which unfortunately is not always the case. When your calls are recorded, you can pick out different situations that may arise and show your new or existing team members exactly how you want them to be handled. Create a unified standard supported by real-life examples and it will make training of new and existing staff a lot easier.

  2. Quality assurance

    A specific order, credit card information, street address or postal code can often be mistyped or misunderstood. Call recording ensures that any important information a client provides always stays within reach to review.

  3. Developing your business

    There are a number of ways call recording can improve your business development. By reviewing calls you can better understand how your product is used and what questions and/or concerns your clients have. That helps you not just market it better, but easily see any room for improvement and work on specific flaws you and your team might have missed.

  4. Performance monitoring

    Once you’ve established your customer service standards, it’s important to monitor your employees’ performance from time to time. That way you can point out on the areas that need improvement and successful practices.

  5. Corporate liability protection

    For some companies more than others, unresolved disputes can result in expensive lawsuits. Recording calls helps avoid misunderstandings and potential false claims. Not to mention that, if you’re in the legal, financial or insurance sectors, it may be required by law that you record all verbal communication.

As your company expands, it becomes harder to supervise what your employees are doing at every second. How much time do they spend making personal calls? How do they communicate with customers when they think nobody is listening? Are they able to get everything right when they’re on the go or tired? There is one good way to find out.

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