MightyCall — Top Eight Reasons to use MightyCall Infographic!

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
14 July 2014 Business Insights

Want to know why MightyCall is awesome? Here are eight reasons on how MightyCall can help improve your small business!

Check out this Infographic below.



Quick recap:

  1. You can ring up to 45 devices at one time.
  2. You can forward to any device that has a number.
  3. You can alert your team when customers contact you.
  4. You can get a vanity number!
  5. You can choose which custom music you want for your hold tone.
  6. You can dial by name.
  7. You can have separate call menus for after business hours.
  8. You can share everything with your team!


Virtual phone system for small business.
Simple. Yet mighty.

Select a branded phone number, record a voicemail greeting and start calling in 2 minutes from now at 49 ¢/day.


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