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Talkroute’s Way Into The Realms of the Information and Communications Age

Voice Over Internet Protocol or “VoIP” as it is popularly called, is primarily used for the transmission of voice and multimedia content by using internet protocols.

Since time immemorial, the transmission of voice data was based on using analog telephone lines, but with the onset of the information age in the late 90s, voice data transmission has been completely digitized and is now possible via the internet.

With the increased usage of VoIP in the corporate world, communication and transactions have become more convenient as well as affordable. Netizens can increasingly communicate across the globe without paying for international charges and by just incurring the charges for the internet.

Ever since VoIP came into play, we’ve seen  rising competition between  VoIP service providers like Skype, Google Hangout, MightyCall, TalkRoute, RingCentral, Call Hippo etc. Let us talk about TalkRoute in specific.

TalkRoute Review

TalkRoute offers an array of products ranging from phone numbers, voicemail, call stacking and extensions to voicemail, text messages etc. With quite a good range of distinctive features, it is well ahead of its competitors. A local number or a toll free number is ensured by TalkRoute to all its customers, and they can further buy additional numbers for a more prospective business approach.

Call announcement is another unique feature offered by TalkRoute. A user knows where the call is coming from and can choose to accept, reject, or re-route the call.

But the question is, how well does TalkRoute hold up to its competitors? Is it good value for the money? Does it provide enough features? Let us have a quick MightyCall vs TalkRoute review.

Pricing – TalkRoute Vs. MightyCall

TalkRoute features 4 different plans for its users. They are priced at $19, $39, $59 and $99 per month, as opposed to MightyCall’s 3 plans which are priced at $19, $49, and $99.


talkroute review

With the $19 plan, TalkRoute offers 1 free number (additional ones can be purchased) along with an unlimited amount of toll-free minutes. While the plans sound good on paper, in terms of practical usage all core functions such as call transfer, the usage of multiple devices, etc. are missing  in this basic plan which utilizes only one number. Extensions are not supported by default and neither a calling menu nor caller ID are  provided on the basic plan.

In contrast, MightyCall offers all of the above within the same $19.99 package  with the inclusion of an additional free number. The user is also offered unlimited messaging though the free minutes are limited to 1 000 minutes and more can be paid for.

best voip

TalkRoute’s $39 and $59 plans offer 2 numbers, unlimited messages, and unlimited minutes, and 3 numbers, unlimited messages, plus unlimited minutes respectively. The $39 plan includes user extensions, but lacks basic features such as scheduled call forwarding options and submenus. Both of these options are included in the $59 plan, along with a company directory. Basically, with TalkRoute, you will end up paying $59/month for all industry standard features.

MightyCall, on the other hand, provides a middle ground for firms at $39/month, by offering 5 toll-free numbers, call recording, unlimited messages, unlimited minutes, softphones & hardphones support and all standard VoIP features, along with some premium features, such as the use of vanity numbers.

At $99, both TalkRoute and MightyCall offer a plethora of features, which are crucial to any large firm’s communication infrastructure. Under this plan, TalkRoute offers 5 free numbers, while MightyCall offers 10 free numbers.

Free Trial Services

Providing a free trial allows the user to have a glimpse into the services he/she is going to opt for. This has become the  norm in today’s times, allowing the user to  determine the quality of the services and whether they  will be good for his/her business or not. Both TalkRoute and MightyCall offer their users free trial. TalkRoute offers a 7-day free trial of any plan that you wish to avail, excluding the $99 plan. MightyCall offers a 7-day free trial on all its plans.

Winner: Draw 

Call Forwarding and Routing

Call Forwarding and routing is a basic feature of all VoIP-based solutions. It allows for you or your team to forward calls in real-time to the needed department or a higher official. This functionality can also be used to forward the call directly to your cellphone. For example, if you are out of your office for a business meeting or on a family trip, the calls can be directly  sent onto your cellphone, so you don’t miss any important calls. Both TalkRoute and MightyCall offer this functionality, however TalkRoute requires you to upgrade to its $39 plan to transfer the calls or simultaneously ring all your devices at once. In contrast, all of these features can be found within MightyCall’s $19 plan, which is clearly a better value for money option, especially for smaller firms.

Winner: MightyCall (Provides similar features at a more affordable price)

Mobile App

Smartphones have changed the way we interact with our world. Mobile Apps have made interacting with full-scale software easier, as they provide the same functionality as their desktop counterpart, but in a more compact environment. People prefer using mobile apps rather than logging onto their computer and using the full-scale software. TalkRoute and MightyCall both boast of their respective mobile apps, available on iOS and Android. These allow for a quick access to all of their services, through a few clicks on your smartphone.

Winner: Draw (Both firms offer identical services to their users)

Affiliate Program

A distinctive feature of the TalkRoute platforms amongst other VoIP systems. Whenever someone refers a customer to TalkRoute, it pays a recurring commission for the lifetime of the account. It is a very proficient way to supplement your income whilst also enhancing the network of TalkRoute users.

Winner: TalkRoute (Nothing similar is offered by MightyCall, which makes it an exclusive feature of TalkRoute)

Caller ID Name or CNAM

Branding is a vital aspect for any business. For promotional purposes and for your loyal customers to recognize you, you will want to have your business name appear everywhere. With Caller ID Name or CNAM, you do exactly this. When you normally call anyone, your number would pop on the other person’s screen. However, by configuring and using CNAM, you can change this functionality to display your business name, rather than your number. While this feature is present on  both TalkRoute and MightyCall plans, TalkRoute puts it in upwards of the $39 package , quite opposite to MightyCall where it is available on all  plans, including the $19 one.

Winner: MightyCall (Again, more value for money)

Text Messaging

Forbes reports that 90% of  sent texts are read within 3 minutes of delivery. Messages can be used to engage user interest in new functions, trials, offers or policies. Text messaging is essentially one of the best ways to promote your business to  potential as well as existing customers. Your customers won’t always like to talk to you, but would be delighted with  occasional updates about your company.. Due to this, messaging is a crucial part of your communication infrastructure.

MightyCall offers unlimited messaging to all their users and on each of their plans. With TalkRoute, you can only get limited messages with basic plan.

business text messages

Winner: MightyCall (Offers unlimited text messaging, potentially allowing for larger advertising campaigns and more business awareness through text channels)


With a number of advanced features and essential functions, both TalkRoute and MightyCall add a lot to a business’s communication infrastructure and allow for a better customer support experience. As mentioned in the above TalkRoute review, both VoIP providers use almost the same functionality and boast similar features, however, MightyCall clearly has the advantage of offering more for less. Initially, it might look like a small difference, but as your business grows , you will need access to more features, more numbers, and more messaging. The monthly cost difference also adds up when it comes to the most basic features which are not available on TalkRoute’s $19 plan. This makes MightyCall a more cost-effective solution for both starter and growing businesses.

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$ 99.99/mo


$ 9.99/mo

$ 19.99/mo

Tax Included

10 Clients in the Contact Book

Unlimited Users

2 Toll Free or Local Numbers

1 0001 000 Minutes


$ 19.99/mo

$ 39.99/mo

Tax Included

Unlimited Clients in the Contact Book

Unlimited Users

Call Recording

Voice to Text

Presence Indicator

Deskphones & Softphones

5 Toll Free or Local Numbers

5000Unlimited Minutes


$ 49.99/mo

$ 99.99/mo

Tax Included

Unlimited Clients in the Contact Book

Unlimited Users

Call Recording

Voice to Text

Presence Indicator

Deskphones & Softphones


10 Toll Free or Local Numbers

15000Unlimited Minutes

Voice Studio Recording included

All plans include

Unlimited Extensions

Text Messaging

Call Routing


Activity Queue

Available \ DND Status

Business Hours


Conference Calls

Call Queues

Voicemail to Email

Call Transfer

Caller ID & CNAME

Vanity Number

Custom Greetings

Performance Reports

Social Media Integration

VIP & Black Lists

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