Mother’s Day Promotion for Small Business

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
6 May 2016 Business Insights

This year Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 8th in the United States. This feel-good, family-oriented holiday inspires business owners to invent exclusive offers and extraordinary promotions.

Because Mother’s Day is no exception to the holiday last-minute frenzy, the promos needs to be unique and attractive and make customer’s choices easy.

Taking advantage of the public holiday, small business can expand revenues from sales and engage new clients.

10 marketing ideas for Mother’s Day

  1. Send an offer via e-mail. It’s the fastest way to present a promotion to customers. Voucher, discount or “show the e-mail at the store” campaigns are always attractive tips, whether presented as a gentle reminder about the holiday or gifts ideas and solutions suggested at the store.
  2. E-commerce businesses paste the link to their online catalog to motivate clients to shop right away. The online stores can have a separate section on the site with special deals for Mother’s Day, which may include filters by the mother’s tastes, hobbies, and particular needs. Sephora web store is an excellent example. Its distinct page offers kits, sets, smashboxes and specific gifts for all needs and ages. The combination of few items in one set always attracts the client.
  3. Social networks form a broad platform for advertisement. A clever hashtag can prompt a customers’ search. Twitter uses both #mothersday and #mothersday2016 hashtags for the relevant posts. Hotels, spas, restaurants and many others business owners have already posted their special offers. Facebook keeps pace with the same hashtags. Sharing the ideas or collaborating on Moms-friends’ well wishes is easier using social media. Pop-out windows, promos, and PPCs are reliably effective as well.
  4. Both “free delivery” and “express delivery” are powerful catchers. The reality is that most people look for the present at the last moment. The choice will considerably depend on an efficient response to an order. Such concern will be reciprocated with a client’s loyalty.
  5. Another way to show up is a free gift-wrapping offer. Many women love beautifully wrapped presents, and since the general public feels lost in this area, an opportunity is born. For example, Amazon offers gift-wrapping for all occasions for a small price. Same way gift-packing can be organized especially for Mother’s Day.
  6. Decorations are always a big hit on Mother’s Day. A little effort with balloons, lighting or garlands yield high returns because a festive mood is remembered long after the gift has been forgotten.
  7. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady — this tradition is iron clad because gifts of flowers show appreciation. Some stores organize outdoors flower distribution and often attach store cards to the flower, which then becomes a charming promo on Mother’s Day.
  8. Contests for mothers with a special prize for a winner and token gifts for all participants — what excitement! The minimal effort required is why photo contests are one of the most suitable promotions. The photos could comply with a specific theme: cooking, mothers and kids wearing similar outfits, funny selfies of a mother and children. Most-voted photos become a winner.

    If the contest is a live event, loud music and an entertainer’s voice can attract even those who are passing by the place by chance.

  9. Souvenirs and greetings for female customers on Mother’s Day are ideas. A random number generator or a basket with folded cards add a hint of luck and surprise when honored ladies make their choice. Prizes may include a loyalty card, a discount for the next purchase, or a sample.
  10. Whether it is a store, a restaurant, or a spa, mothers will enjoy it that much more if it has a dedicated family-friendly zone with an entertainer and supervisor. Safety is first, so the floor and the walls should be covered with a soft material. Small furniture for the little guests helps to organize them in games or crafting activities. Vivid toys and even TVs with cartoons will grab kids’ attention for a long time. Further, both parents will choose a place where they can leave children under a trusted person’s supervision and relax.

A look back shows creative and prolific promotions of a small business that can be taken as a best practice. It needn’t be related to a holiday to serve as a great inspiration.

Buzz marketing

The owner of a popular US restaurant chain didn’t spend much money on marketing. Every time he opened a new restaurant, he organized a grand party. The invitees were all the hairdressers of the city. They had fun and ate deliciously on the house, and the next day they went to work in a good mood.

Why target hairdressers? Every day they communicate with customers. During the next few weeks, they were telling their clients stories about a fabulous restaurant where they could have a great evening. That was the best advertisement. Customers trusted their barbers and spread the stories to their roommates and neighbors.
Like in this story, an owner of almost any small business can invent their own promo to use buzz marketing directed to pre-Mother’s Day main costumers: spouses and children. People consider the opinions of each other when it comes to services and goods.

Mom’s Day is the ultimate day of special care and appreciation of all the work of mothers. For a small business, it is an excellent opportunity to help clients greet their loved ones and celebrate with them. Even a little creativity can result in a big boost of profit.

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