MightyCall Serves Up Contact Center for Ramen House

Edmund Tee
Edmund Tee
25 May 2014 Business Insights, Case Study
"With MightyCall, for $40 a month, every thing is taken care of for me. And MightyCall simply works.”  - Brannon Riceci, Founder and Co-Owner

“With MightyCall, for $40 a month, every thing is taken care of for me. And MightyCall simply works.”
– Brannon Riceci, Founder and Co-Owner

Completing our trio of customer success stories is Boke Bowl, a Portland-Based ramen noodle house that wanted to keep its business number despite having multiple locations. However, PABX solutions out there were simply too expensive and one-dimensional. Find out how Boke Bowl turned its MightyCall contact center into a customer experience management tool:

KNUCKLEHEAD. That’s what the “boke” in Boke Bowl means, and is a word the two founders of the fast-growing ramen shop in Portland often use on each other.

But when it comes to the food that they put before their customers, the duo don’t clown around.

Said Co-Owner Brannon Riceci: “What makes Boke Bowl special is its high quality, chef-driven ingredients that is priced at an affordable level, serve up quickly, with none of the pretense of table restaurants.”

Customer experience is key

So just about every ingredient is made from scratch, and Riceci rattles off some pretty impressive factoids, such as:

  • Work on noodles and buns is always being done at the Boke Bowl commissary.
  • Kimchi takes almost a week to ferment.
  • It takes three days to brew the broth.
  • It takes two days to prepare the pickles.
  • It takes less than a minute to lose a customer.

Even though Boke Bowl is not a full-service restaurant, it places a premium on customer service, and has optimized itself to give its customers a great experience.

Said Riceci: "It doesn’t matter if the phone is ringing with a big carryout order. The priority has to be the customer that is in front of us. But once we’ve served the customer, we need to be able check our voicemail from right behind the counter.

“No one makes calls from their desks anymore anyway, so it’s a huge plus that my managers can use MightyCall on their phones to return calls without their personal numbers showing. I’m not buying cell phones for my employees, and I’m not running extensions all over the place. It’s great.”

Contact center for the small business

BokeBowl did not start out using the advanced contact center capabilities of MightyCall React from the outset, however.

Explained Riceci: "The whole reason for getting MightyCall in the first place when we opened a new location was that we wanted one number that would work for multiple locations. I didn’t want to add a new phone number to every newspaper ad that I ran, or print a batch of new menus to distribute.

“I looked at other VoIP PABX systems, and those cost up to $1,500 just to get started for equipment that would have to be maintained over time. With MightyCall, for $40 a month, every thing is taken care of for me. And MightyCall simply works.”

Given that the recipe to Boke Bowl’s success has been to provide an excellent product at a great value, served up with great customer service, it couldn’t have picked a better service provider than MightyCall.

Said Riceci: “We all understand that software is malleable, and hardware is not. It’s one of the benefits of paying a monthly subscription rather than buying the hardware. So you deal with the equipment, not me, that is your expense, not mine. But what I get is a continually improved MightyCall product.”

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