Are You Missing the Marketing Automation Boat?

Stijn Hendrikse
Stijn Hendrikse
18 August 2014 Business Insights


Is your enterprise taking advantage of marketing automation?

If not, you’re far from alone. Even though the field of marketing automation is growing rapidly, only three percent of non-technology companies are actually deploying the technology, according to a January 2014 VentureBeat report.

At the same time, marketing efforts consume a lot of an organization’s collective time and energy. A survey from email marketing software company Constant Contact found that SMBs on average spend 33 hours per week on marketing activities.

So what is marketing automation, and how can your enterprise use it to enhance the customer experience and increase sales?

Marketing automation, defined

Marketing automation enables organizations to effectively market to multiple online channels, such as email, phone-based communications, and social media, and to automate repetitive tasks.

There are a number of marketing automation software platforms available, which can be integrated with other enterprise systems. Consider traditional customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, which are a form of marketing automation.

Often, organizations integrate CRM with their phone system, which makes their voice communications with customers much more powerful. For example, when a customer calls into a contact center, the employee answering the call can immediately see who the customer is; what his most recent transaction was; how he last communicated with the company; and much more. The information enables the contact center employee to more efficiently handle the customer’s call, make relevant suggestions to the customer, and much more. CRM integration with phone systems often enable a better customer experience, a more efficient organization, and can increase sales, too.

Marketing automation, enhanced

MightyCall can take that level of integration even further. By integrating MightyCall with marketing automation systems such as HubSpot and Marketo, your enterprise can have even more advanced communications with customers and prospects across all channels: voice, email, messages, and more. For instance, you can automatically provide customers with targeted offers based on who they are, when they called, how they contacted your company and other criteria.

MightyCall is an advanced virtual phone system that has been helping companies improve the customer experience since 1999. Our MightyCall Contact Center empowers such global brands as PizzaHut and DHL. For more, check out MightyCall virtual phone service.

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