How a Local Business Number Can Improve Your Small Business

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
11 July 2014 Case Study

Our latest customer comes from Asheville, North Carolina. We spoke with owner Nathan Silsbee of Greenstone Media on how MightyCall is helping his young company grow.

In a small city that was the hub for the arts and small business, there was a demand for web development and digital marketing services. Silbee’s background in web design made him the perfect candidate help small business owners build better businesses.

“We’ve only been open for a year, but we’re growing extremely quickly,” said Silsbee.

The complete package

Silsbee came to MightyCall in need of a virtual phone system that would allow him to operate his business from his cell phone. He didn’t have a local business number but through MightyCall, he was able to get one.

Things only got better from there. Through MightyCall’s custom call features, Silsbee was able to set up call-forwarding to his cellphone.

Said Silsbee: “If I’m on vacation, I’m able to redirect my business line to another employee to take the calls.”

Like many MightyCall customers, Silsbee takes full advantage of the voice receptionist. With the customizable features, he is able to create his own system for receiving calls. Personalized greetings allow Silsbee to set up recordings himself, adding a personal touch for his customers.

“It seems like a really sophisticated system for only ten dollars a month” said Silsbee.

Better service, better business

When Silsbee first signed up with MightyCall he was having trouble with answering calls because his phone was not ringing long enough. After a quick call with our Customer Success Manager, Andy Gundel, Silsbee was able to extend the length of the rings so that he never misses another call.

Greenstone Media takes pride in making sure that all of their customers are satisfied. In the tight knit community of Asheville, it’s important to keep customers happy because a large part of business is word of mouth.

“For a low cost, MightyCall has helped me manage my telephone system more efficiently and more effectively,” said Silsbee.

As a young company with less than a year under its belt, it was important for Silsbee to have software that would give his company professionalism and convenience. MightyCall has been able to help Greenstone Media stay ahead of the game. For more on Greenstone.

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