Top Four Benefits of Intelligent Call Routing

Stijn Hendrikse
Stijn Hendrikse
11 August 2014 Business Insights

Intelligent call routing, also known as predictive call routing, was previously rather an expensive service, the prerogative only of highly sophisticated call center systems at large companies. Now it’s available to small businesses, and it can provide a number of benefits to companies and their customers. It is only necessary to use special call-routing software.

In this article we cover the following:

  • what business call routing is;
  • how an intelligent call routing system works;
  • how incoming call routing can increase your sales.

1. What is business call routing?

What is call routing? At many SMBs, callers are automatically routed to the next available agent. But what if a caller could automatically be routed to the agent he or she spoke to the day before? Wouldn’t it be great if callers could be routed to the agents with the best skills and knowledge to answer their questions? That’s the idea behind smart call routing. It’s a standard feature.

Top 4 Benefits of Intelligent Call Routing

2. How does an intelligent call routing system work?

A caller can be routed automatically to the call center employee with whom he/she spoke on the previous call, which can greatly improve the customer experience in many ways.

For example, a customer calls to discuss a billing error. After the customer explains the situation, the cell phone connection drops, terminating the call. Frustrated, the customer calls the company’s main number, thinking they will have to start all over again. But the employee the customer spoke to immediately answers, sparing the customer from re-explaining the issue to a different call center employee. The caller has a much more positive experience. Also, intelligent call routing has made your team more productive, because only one employee has spent time addressing the customer’s needs.

Using a simple voicemail menu, a customer can tell the automated phone attendant a little bit about why he/she’s calling. Based on that information, the call is automatically routed to the call center employee whose expertise is best suited to address the caller’s needs. The customer saves time and frustration, and the intelligent call routing has made your company look good.

3. Increase sales via incoming call routing

Intelligent call routing can use a customer’s caller ID to automatically offer a discount or other promotional offer based on the caller’s past history and profile with your company. By aligning caller profiles to offers, you give customers another reason to do business with you — which helps increase revenues.

Your virtual phone system can learn caller patterns, such as how long the average caller is waiting to wait on hold and which voicemail menu options are most (or least) frequently chosen. This information can help you improve caller wait times, streamline voicemail menus, and more.

MightyCall makes it possible for even small businesses to access advanced call center technology that was once available only to large enterprises. With intelligent call routing, you don’t have to be a big business in order to look like one to your customers.

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