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Edmund Tee
Edmund Tee
24 May 2014 Business Insights, Case Study
Kevin Lake of Aquaria Guru is a great example of how using MightyCall React can help a start-up eat the competition's lunch.

Kevin Lake of Aquaria Guru is a great example of how using MightyCall React can help a start-up eat the competition’s lunch.

The first customer we’re going to feature on our blog is one in Minneapolis that uses MightyCall React to project a professional, big business feel. Here is Aquaria Guru’s story:

HAVING always been fascinated with the marine world as a child, Kevin Lake, President and Co-Owner of Aquaria Guru, made a decision at 25 to turn his hobby into a living in 2013.

Together with his partner, Reid Larson, the duo started up an aquarium-cleaning business — and found a piranha-like competitive environment that awaited them.

“My company is a year old and we strive to grow and set a new standard in customer service for our industry,” said Lake. “Our competitors have been around for many years, so it is especially important that when a customer calls us, we are able to answer promptly. If we miss the call, we lose the business because the prospective customer would just go to the next company on the list.”

Fortunately for Lake and Larson, technology has been a friend. By choosing MightyCall React as a contact center, Aquaria Guru was able to use great customer experiences as a competitive advantage, even though the team is constantly on the move.

The professional touch

Lake describes how when a new customer calls their main number, the virtual receptionist within the MightyCall React system answers with a professional greeting, and then rings every staff member at the same time to maximize the chance of a prompt response to the new customer. Existing customers can also choose to dial through to a specific employee using their extensions.

During after hours, the MightyCall React system is programmed to manage customer expectations with an appropriate greeting, and lets the caller leave a voicemail and request a call-back.

Adds Lake: “My competitors are living in the past. Many of them are just working out of their personal cell phones, and some do not even have business emails and websites. With MightyCall React, I am competing effectively by showing that we are a team of professionals that you would want to do business with.”

Reducing customer churn

MightyCall React has also been important for keeping existing customers happy, said Lake.

“Our customers are busy people. When they need help with their aquarium, they want to get to one of us right away, and not be playing phone tag.”

“I did a lot of research into contact center solutions, but every body else was either too expensive, or required a lot of work to set up. Then I found MightyCall React, and it was really the best value for my buck. It’s made all the difference to my business.”

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