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Your Guide to Free Digital Services During Quarantine Life

Amidst the elusive safety that is the 21st century, daily life as we know it has been upthrown, halted, transformed — faster than with a click of a button. With most countries going into quarantine life or total lockdown to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and save lives, we’re also seeking alternative ways to do business and education. And in this, we turn to a medium more familiar than any other: digital technology. 

As the world fights for a return to “normal”, even within the restrictions of quarantine life, many companies are extending a helping hand. 

A number of businesses now offer their digital products and services 100% free for the duration of the coronavirus outbreak, giving both individuals and organizations access to worry-free communication, education, and entertainment.

Here’s a list of companies currently providing FREE digital products and services to various sectors. Count on them to ease your quarantine life (both business and personal) with no strings attached. 

Free Internet and Wi-Fi 

Comcast Wi-Fi hotspots, unlimited data, and no late fees

Comcast has come out with a comprehensive response to the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine in the USA. This includes: Free Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots, unlimited data for 60 days; no disconnect or late fees for Comcast users who call in and request a waiver due to COVID-19 crisis; News and educational content on X1 — for everyone who has an X1 or Flex remote, just say “coronavirus” to access free content. Learn more about coronavirus measures taken by Comcast.

Who can use it? Everyone

Charter Communications free broadband

Charter Communications will offer its Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi to families with kids for free, for a period of 60 days starting on March 16. Spectrum Mobile and Spectrum Enterprise is also taking measures to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Find more information on their website

Who can use it? Households with school children or college students

Free Online Education 

remote learning coronavirus quarantine

Scholastic online courses for kids

Scholastic has responded to the crisis by opening up its digital learning hub to children across the USA. Scholastic programs are available across devices, so your school-aged children can keep learning new things on their home laptops and smartphones. No sign-up is required and programs range from Pre-K to High School. More information is available in the official company announcement.

Who can use it? Parents, teachers, educational institutions  

Kahoot remote education for schools

Kahoot is offering a Kahoot Premium free of charge, for the remaining months of the school year. The company’s goal is to facilitate education for students, teachers, and colleges in times of the coronavirus outbreak.  Kahoot Premium offers advanced collaboration on top of the free Kahoot Basic, so there’s no slight disruption to education. If you’re a teacher or school admin, you can contact Kahoot to set up the learning in your virtual classroom by using this form.

Who can use it? Educational institutions, teachers

Coursera courses for universities 

Coursera has been a leader in digital education for years, with many courses available for free. Presently, however, the Coursera Coronavirus Response Initiative means Coursera for Campus is available for “any impacted college or university” globally. This includes free access to any course or specialization and enrollment through July 2020. Educational institution representatives can apply here.

Who can use it? Universities and higher education institutions worldwide


Free Home Office Tools 

how to set up home office coronavirus

MightyCall business phone system

In times of social isolation and economic challenge, cost-saving, reliable communication matters a lot. MightyCall is a provider of business VoIP (Voice over IP) which means it’s not landline-based but cloud-based business telephony. In other words, you aren’t tied to your office desk phone but can forward business calls to any internet-connected device. We’re offering a 100% discount for sectors most affected by the coronavirus outbreak, for 3 months. Find out more about MightyCall’s free offer and sign up.

Who can use it? Healthcare providers, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, local government offices

Microsoft Premium Teams

In an attempt to keep the peaking numbers of remote teams connected during quarantine life, Microsoft is offering the premium Teams Chat app free for 6 months to all users. It’s worth noting that Microsoft Teams has seen a 500% increase in activity since the coronavirus outbreak. Read about setting up Teams for your remote workers.

Who can use it? Everyone

Google Enterprise video-conferencing

Another digital product that’s in huge demand currently is the whole pack of Google services. The company is currently taking new measures to make its HD videoconferencing usually reserved for Enterprise plans free for all Gsuite users. Learn more about Google’s coronavirus response.

Who can use it? G Suite and G Suite for Education customers


Free Online Fitness 

free workouts coronavirus

PlanetFitness Online Workouts 

As the whole world is going remote, PlanetFitness will be streaming 20min live workouts on its Facebook page. An important part of withstanding the current health crises is keeping your body and immune system strong, so even if you’re fully quarantined at home be sure to join in. Live programs are an additional boost as we all get healthy together. Check-in for the live online workouts on the PlanetFitness Facebook page.

Who can use it? Everyone

Peloton Workout App

Peloton is offering its take on keeping the world active as fitness clubs close in light of tough quarantine measures. New users can currently get a 90-day free trial of the subscription workout app. Best of all, the workout doesn’t demand Peloton gear. Free classes include yoga, meditation, strength training, etc. Check out the full info here. 

Who can use it? Everyone

Free Arts & Entertainment

virtual mars walk

VidAngel free entertainment

VidAngel is a streaming video company with built-in parental controls on thousands of TV shows from Netlflix and Amazon Prime. The unique service allows parents to set filters on child-inappropriate scenes, which will then be skipped.  In light of the COVID-19 crisis, the entertainment company is catering especially to parents who will need to keep their children entertained as they work from home. VidAngel gives families free access for the rest of March.

Who can use it? Everyone

Live streaming from the world’s top concert halls 

As musical venues across the world close, many of the world’s theaters and concert halls have switched to free live streaming concerts and performances. This is a great way for families to turn screen time into cultural time. Pick your venue and take your family “out” to a concert or ballet performance, perhaps one specially tailored to your kids. Here’s a list of top theaters now offering live streaming,

Who can use it? Everyone

Virtual museums and travel — from Yosemite to Mars

Google Arts and Culture is bringing over 2500 museums and art galleries to your digital screens. Now can be a great time to sit back and explore the masterpieces of the world or give your kids a virtual tour. For outdoor-oriented families, you can also take a virtual trip through Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks while you sit in quarantine. This can be a great time to explore the world in your imagination and when the crisis is over have tons of ideas to explore in person! Find out about more famous places you can virtually visit while socially-distancing! 

Who can use it? Everyone


Final word 

As nations unite to fight the COVID-19 health crisis and protect those who are most vulnerable, now is also a great time to remember simple values like family time, meditation, and self-reflection. Meanwhile, may these digital products and services help you do business, education, and playtime safely, so we can come out of #quarantinelife stronger than before.

Stay safe everyone!

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