Is This The Death of Voicemail?

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
24 December 2014 Business Insights

Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters shut down their voicemail system this past week.
According to Coke’s spokesperson, this is the first step to simplify the way they work and increase productivity. Though, Coke did allow employees to keep it if they claimed it a “business critical need,” which only six percent of workers did. If you were to give their headquarters a call, their virtual receptionist is now telling people to use an alternative method to contact them. Is this the time for small businesses to follow suit?

Techies have predicted the death of voicemail for years, as smartphones do much of the work that was once only accomplished by telephones and computers. And Landline voicemail is becoming increasingly redundant now that nearly two-thirds of consumers have smartphones; combined with the multiple channels of communication that a customer can reach a business.

The rate of businesses with landlines are declining as the world becomes more mobile. And landline phone systems for businesses are expensive, particularly when they include features that most businesses consider standard now. For new businesses in particular, it makes much more sense to consider a virtual phone system due to their lower start-up costs and range of features.

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