How Business Cards Are Killing The Credibility Of Your Part Time Business

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
25 October 2014 Business Insights

Do you want your part time business to ooze credibility and professionalism? Of course you do, right? You want your customers to see you as a “legitimate business.” One they can trust. And you want other business owners — who have the power to refer truckloads of new customers to you — to respect you and treat you as one of them.

But here’s the problem:

Those business cards you’ve been carrying around in your pocket…

(the ones you got to make yourself look more professional)

They’re killing the credibility of your part time business…

…and costing you customers, respect and key business relationships…

Here’s an example:

I was having a chat with another business owner, and we we’re having a great time…


So I start to think:

“You know… I’d probably like to do some business with this person at some point.”

So I ask, “Hey, do you have a business card?”

“Sure” he says — and starts rummaging through his pocket…

Then he whips out his wallet, opens it up and…

(with a smile)

…pulls out the worst looking business card I’ve ever seen!


I immediately start to question his legitimacy, and start asking myself questions like:

“Is he a beginner?”

“Is he really a professional I can trust?”

“Maybe he’s just putting on an act, and not really that good.”

You see, that business card he just gave me put the legitimacy of his entire business into question…

All within a couple of seconds.

So let’s talk about what makes a “bad” business card — so you’ll know what NOT to do (and what to do instead):

Mistake #1: Designing them yourself

Unless you’re a graphic designer, you should NEVER design your own business card.

I’ve seen people spend hours, days — even weeks — hunched over a computer, agonizing over some horrible graphic they made in an image editing program.


It’s not worth it.

Let a professional graphic designer figure this stuff out for you…

They already know what the best looking fonts, colors and graphics are — and how to make them beautiful.

If you’re looking for a low cost graphics designer, try It has graphic designers who design business cards for $5.

Note: Don’t have someone create a business logo, unless you can afford to pay them hundreds of dollars for it.

I’m serious.

If you get a logo designed for cheap, it will look cheap. Everytime.

You may think it looks okay at first…

But after you’ve had it printed on hundreds of your business cards… you’ll regret it.

So skip the logo — until you have a few hundred dollars to blow.

Mistake #2: Printing them yourself

Don’t do this.

Don’t go to the office supply store.

Don’t find one of those cool looking “Print Your Own Business Card” kits.

Don’t run home, print off hundreds of copies — and then carefully tear them along their imperfectly perforated edges.


They will look like garbage.

(Trust me, I’ve done this before)

Instead, use a professional business card printing services like or

Mistake #3: Using flimsy paper


This is probably the worst mistake you can make…

And almost every business owner makes it…

(even the REALLY professional ones)

So pay attention here:

I want you to imagine someone handing you their business card — and as you’re grabbing it — the card starts to bend and flex between your fingers.

You feel that?


Now imagine this:

Another person hands you their business card — and as you’re grabbing it — the card feels thick, sturdy and has almost no flex when you press on it.


…based solely off their business cards…

Which person do you feel is more credible, trustworthy and professional?

The person with the “thick” business card, right?


Because when you felt that card, the animalistic part of your brain went:

“oOo, feels high-quality and sturdy.”

And when that happens, they associate those feelings with you…

…they see you as a high-quality, sturdy person. Someone they can trust.

(This simple psychological trick works every time, because us humans are biologically hardwired to make associates like this)

Thick paper is fantastic.

Use it.

You’ll instantly and effortlessly boost your credibility — the moment someone touches it.

Mistake #4: Using a free email service

I’ve run into a lot of business owners who use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo for their email.

And everytime I see “” on their card, I instantly think:

“This person is small time. They’re not hip. And I’m not sure I trust them to do a good job.”

That’s why you should have a professional looking email…

What do I mean by “professional looking email”?

I mean having the part after the “@” customized…

Something like: “”…

This screams legitimacy (and cool) to everyone who sees it.

So how do you get one of your own?

Well, if you already have a website, the company you host your website with can set it up for you. Usually for free. Just contact them, and they should be able to do it for you.

If you don’t already have a website, you can use Google Apps or Zoho Mail to get your own “professional” email.

They are easy (almost automatic) to setup.

So go set yours up right now…

You know it’ll look good.



So after going through the above four mistakes…

Do you see how having a bad business card can kill your credibility?

And how you can dramatically increase your credibility with a few changes?


Well, I hope this article helps you and your part time business look more professional.

Talk soon,

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