Answer Customer Questions and Sell More

Michael Calabaza
Michael Calabaza
21 March 2016 Business Insights

For a business owner, being easy to find is essential! How easily a business connects with potential customers is often the key to its success.

If your customers are coming to your website when they are looking for answers to specific questions, make sure that information is available, whether it’s data about your hours, menu, services or pricing. Having the right answers could be the secret to getting your customers to walk through your door.

Make it as simple as possible for potential customers to find the information they seek, and they’re that much more likely to purchase your products or services.

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to answer every single question a customer might have online, and that gives you all the more reason to make it easy for them to contact you via phone, email, or chat.

It’s also a good idea to offer information in any other languages that may be spoken in your area, as you never know when someone with a different linguistic or cultural background might access your site.

Here are some other pointers that can help you increase your sales while you answer potential customers’ questions.

Tips for your website

Anything that confuses your customers or makes it difficult for them to find what they’re looking for is a bad idea, no matter how visually appealing it makes your website.

Your navigation bar should clearly label your About Us section, pricing, services, FAQ, and contact details. Also include a click-to-call button in the header so customers can speak with you without fumbling with their phones.

9 essential elements for your contact page

Every business’s webpage should contain the following sections:

  • Contact Us button — An easy-to-find Contact Us button on the navigation bar is essential. It should be one you can’t miss, no matter which page you’re on.
  • Address — If your business has a physical location, include it so customers in the area can pay you a visit.
  • Map — Include a Google map along with your address to provide customers with a better idea of where you’re located.
  • Phone number — Make it easy for customers to call in with their queries.
  • Opening hours and days of operation — This is essential information for customers who might wish to visit your physical store.
  • Email inquiry box — An email inquiry box gives customers the option to ask questions without having to speak directly with you, which solves the problem of nobody being there to man the phone lines outside of operating hours.
  • Social links — Social proof is incredibly influential, and proof that other people have been satisfied by what you offer can be very powerful.
  • An option to buy — An option to buy products or services online can boost sales and extend your reach to other areas.
  • Contact Us page — Put all your contact information on one easily accessible page. Here’s an example of a Contact Us page for a restaurant).
  • Chat Option — Don’t over-look the value of live chat. Customers expect instant communication in their daily lives.

Know your customer demographic

It’s not enough to simply place your site on the web and then hope customers come to you. You have to know your customer demographic as if they were your friends.

There’s a chance your potential clients will not speak English as a first language, so it’s advisable to include links to versions of your website in other languages.  There are translation services that can translate menus, documents or entire webpages for you.

Just because you’re in a country where English is the main language doesn’t mean you can assume everyone will speak it. For instance, almost 40% of the populations in the LA/Long Beach, California and Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Florida areas are Spanish speakers, while certain areas in Texas are almost 80% Spanish-speaking.

Your potential customers are going to have questions, and converting them into paying clients means paying attention to their needs, being as responsive as possible and answering their queries as promptly as you can. Make it easy for interested people to find your business or contact you. Nobody wants to jump through hoops to purchase your products or services, so the simpler you make the buyers’ journey, the easier it will be for you to increase your sales.

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