An Open Letter to Small Business Owners from Your Customer

Mightycall Team
Mightycall Team
30 June 2015 Business Insights

An Open Letter to Small Business Owners:

I’m not going to beg to talk to you.

It doesn’t matter how clever you are.

It doesn’t matter how much better your idea or product is.

The market is a very noisy and crowded place and there are plenty of people there who have invented the same wheel as you.

And, like most of your potential customers, living in this world of instant gratification has trained me to be impatient.

And I’m very good at it.

So if my calls go unanswered and my messages don’t seem to merit a response, I’ll take my money and I’ll go somewhere else to spend it.

You see, if I need you badly enough to actually call you, I really need you.

Not in a while.

Not when you get around to me.

Not when you finally figure out how and who to route my call to.

If it weren’t important — and I’m the one who gets to decide what’s important — I might be willing to wait for an email or chat response. But this matters.

So, please, just pick up the phone.

And don’t say that you’re not big enough to merit the expense of a system that works.
If you’re too small to go all in for customer service, what else won’t you be able to provide?
Besides, you don’t need to go to all of the hassle and expense of adding an internal system.
And you don’t need to go through the nightmare of trying to coordinate all sorts of 800 numbers, cell phones, e-faxes and, I don’t know what else… pagers?
There are places that can do all of that for you.

Business phone systems.
They’re helping businesses, large and small, from all over the place, grow — all while preventing headaches and needless expense.

Think about Happy Valley Tickets in Pennsylvania. One of their co-founders, Nick Keesey, says that they save as much as $1,000 a month just by not using one of the systems offered by the big carriers. They went to MightyCall and got the same options — automated attendant, options for routing calls, different phone numbers, and more, at a fraction of the price that a landline might run.
And they’re not huge.
They just sound and act like it.
And their customers appreciate that.

Or how about Creative Genie? They’re crafting web designs, branding, video, packaging… name it… for organizations all over the world. All from a small town in Florida.
But their small business phone solution helps them to be fast and organized.
And that helps them be more professional — which helps them grab more business.

Check it out. Nearly two thirds of the phone calls that are received by small businesses go through to voice mail. If you don’t jump on those messages right away, you can guess that I won’t be hanging around waiting for your callback. This isn’t 1987, and I’m not in Junior High waiting to hear back from my crush anymore.

You don’t need to act old school or think small anymore. You have options and the means to make yourself look very good.
Because, to be successful today, you don’t need to be one of the giants. Just don’t make it look like you’re running the show out of the attic above your garage.
Even if you are.
See, I want to work with you — but you have to let me.

We should talk.

Your Customer

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