Using Multiple Phone Numbers for A/B Testing

Stijn Hendrikse
Stijn Hendrikse
28 August 2014 Business Insights

Using Multiple Phone Number for A/B Testing

Many companies use A/B testing to test online advertising or marketing campaign variations. But you don’t need a marketing department or even a website to conduct A/B tests. All you need are two or more phone numbers.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing, also called “split testing,” is the practice of testing an advertising or marketing message, call to action, offer, or design variation against a close alternative. With A/B testing, you can experiment to see how customers and target audiences respond to each variation.

In one A/B testing example, a company might display a website product page with “hard-sell” messaging to some visitors (variation A). In variation B, the same product page with “soft-sell” messaging could be displayed to other site visitors. Using website analytics (such as Google Analytics), the company could then determine which of the two messaging variations drove the largest number of purchases.

How to do A/B testing with telephone numbers

Some companies are more “analog” than “digital” and don’t have a website. A small, local, service-oriented business might depend entirely on its Yelp listing or LinkedIn page to reach new customers online.

If that business has more than one phone number, however, it could still perform A/B testing. MightyCall enables you to easily manage multiple phone numbers. Features such as automatic call routing, activity queues, statistics and Click to Call give you the data and tools needed to use your phone numbers for A/B testing.

For example, you could print two different business cards, each with its own marketing message and phone number. Based on the volume of calls received to each number, you could see which marketing message resonated the most with target customers. You could display different phone numbers on posters, printed and online ads, on your website, and in pay-per-click ads as well.

Why you should consider A/B testing

Of course, there are advantages to having one business number that rings on multiple devices. But having two or more phone numbers gives you an easy, fast, inexpensive way to conduct A/B tests. And if your business isn’t A/B testing yet, consider these benefits:

  • You don’t have to rely on anyone’s “gut instinct” about what is and isn’t resonating with customers and target audiences.
  • You can easily try out more ideas than before, because implementing them is easy and inexpensive.
  • When you enable team members to try out their ideas, they become more motivated to offer them in the future.

If you haven’t done so yet, give A/B testing — and MightyCall — a try.

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