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Edmund Tee
Edmund Tee
12 September 2014 Business Insights, Case Study

Jon Berry, Owner, Green Olive Tree
In this article we cover:

  • Under what conditions a hosted phone system is required;
  • How a virtual phone number helps a hosting provider ― a user case;
  • Why power users choose MightyCall;
  • How easy it is getting started with MightyCall.

MightyCall: who our clients are

Staying in touch with your clients is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of running a user-oriented business. Without proper customer interaction layout, a business endeavor risks ending up isolated from potential (and current) clients, which can result in a drastic loss of revenue and even a total inability to operate. Luckily, virtual phone number providers like MightyCall are ready to deal with this problem for you through flexible, hosted call-processing solutions. You don’t have to think about maintaining communications infrastructure or buying state-of-the-art equipment ― subscribe to a hosted phone system service and instantly get any feature you need. Yes, it’s really as simple as it sounds.

Small business insights: when is efficient call management required?

Business fields and models differ greatly. Certain SOHO owners can make do with personal phones, while fully-fledged call centers rely on dedicated on-premises PBX solutions. Alternatively, more and more small/medium business owners prefer virtual call-processing systems. But when does getting an efficient virtual phone system become a must? Consider the following points to get the idea:

  • Your company has to deal with lots of incoming calls. Naturally, to satisfy all your customers, you should be able to process all incoming calls. An efficient company can’t afford to lose clients due to busy phone lines: the ability to put callers in a queue will come in especially handy. What’s more, while they wait it’s possible to play on-hold music or messages ― just like all large respectable companies do. And the massive inbound call flow can be filtered according to sophisticated blacklist/whitelist options ― don’t waste time on spammers, prioritize prospective customers instead.
  • Your communication budget and hardware is limited. It’s hard to purchase anything high-quality for a modest sum of money. This generalization holds true for phone systems. A good on-premises PBX is expensive and you’ll require additional funding to pay for deployment, maintenance and repairs. It’s much easier to subscribe to desirable services directly. Enjoy the functions of a fully-fledged call-processing system and let the provider worry about all the technical mumbo jumbo. With bring-your-own-device support, any piece of telecom or VoIP equipment you already have is compatible with the system.
  • Your scope of clientele is rather wide. Near-100% internet connectivity makes it possible for any company to offer goods and services almost anywhere in the world. For online shops it is standard practice to operate on a national scale and target internet-marketing campaigns accordingly. As a result, you need accessibility over multiple channels for as many hours a day as possible. That’s exactly what hosted phone systems provide. MightyCall does it via seamless widget-based website integration, allowing customers contact you through VoIP, messages or conventional telecom infrastructure. Additionally, opting for a toll-free virtual phone number prevents long-distance callers from worrying about expenses. And interactive voice response capabilities allow them to get essential information or ask for a call-back even if it is the middle of the night in your local time zone.
  • You have a developed network of departments/partners. Manual call routing is time-consuming and requires a dedicated live receptionist, which is hardly a cost-efficient solution. However, if you have a voice menu combined with multiple extensions, a caller chooses a desired department himself by pressing a keypad button. The advantages are numerous: accurate call routing (no mistakes by human operators), less time spent on processing repetitive requests (a caller can get basic information through self-service menu), reduced demand for independent phone lines.
  • You have remote team members. A virtual PBX allows to use most of the existing communication channels to establish efficient yet affordable teamwork model. VoIP saves money spent on calls, cellphone support ensures connectivity on the move, conference calls help to discuss current business issues and so on. MightyCall also provides an exclusive mobile application to assign tasks, post to-do lists and analyze communicational activity of your employees. Teamwork with remote employees can be organized as smoothly as if they are sitting in a next-door cubicle.

A provider for providers

Let us now discuss a real example of getting started with MightyCall’s virtual phone number. Green Olive Tree is a company which conforms to many of the abovementioned criteria. Its niche is hosting solutions and associated services for small business owners: custom-made and virtual servers, server deployment, safety and maintenance guidance etc. In short, they provide everything required to establish a stable web presence. Trust, reliability and great customer service are three things that Green Olive Tree and its owner, Jon Berry, stand for. They also happen to embody what MightyCall is all about. That’s why when the time came for Jon to enhance his communicational layout, he opted for MightyCall’s virtual phone number.

“MightyCall virtual phone system will be useful for everyone, I can just log in and quickly re-route all my calls in seconds to the cell network with the best coverage, so it doesn’t matter if I am using my AT&T or Verizon number.” — Jon Berry, Owner, Green Olive Tree

Green Olive Tree originated through Berry’s lifelong love for computing and a belief that any business could benefit from technology. Therefore, his mission is to share knowledge and expertise with less tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

Berry: “Most of our customers are small businesses, which cannot afford their own IT team. So we are that cost-effective alternative to having that in-house server team.”

A computer geek since his teen years, Berry has accumulated decades-long experience with high-tech solutions and IT services. After he bought his first server, Berry became active in online forums and through that, assisted people with their IT issues. He eventually established a tiny company dealing with server management and deployment.

As time passed, Berry’s business kept evolving and his team grew. Now they monitor, patch, diagnose, upgrade server networks, and manage virtual networks off a cloud for customers with high-volume websites. Cloud technology allows Berry’s customers to derive full advantage from professional equipment at affordable rates, while MightyCall does exactly the same in terms of business communication.

“There is a big cost benefit to using us, just like there is a benefit to the virtual phone system that MightyCall provides to businesses such as ours,” said Berry.

Powering up with MightyCall

At one point, Berry had as many as 25 phone lines leading into his house. He’d been expanding and consolidating his phone systems for the previous five years to enhance his business communication capabilities. Given his experience, Berry knew exactly what he wanted in his virtual phone system.

“I have gone from using a single phone line to a full-fledged VOIP system. I also loved open source PBX system Asterisk for all the features and flexibility that it offered me, but the call quality was awful and not up to par.”

He required an affordable, yet reliable, call-processing solution that would be easy-to-use and flexible enough to offer a wide array of customizable features. Ideally, the system should provide all the advantages of an on-premises PBX without the associated problems. When he stumbled on to MightyCall at a hosting convention, he found that this virtual phone system met the needs of not just his small business, but also his power user expectations.

“MightyCall allows me to get my calls from wherever I am, and it also makes it very easy to set up a good working phone system, that there is no need for a PBX system.”

Berry especially values MightyCall’s ability to forward calls coming to his virtual phone number, so he can answer them from any of his devices. It gives him superior freedom: Jon is no longer tied to landline telephones or particular mobile carriers. He found this option crucial when he received no coverage on AT&T’s cell network while on vacation. MightyCall’s fast-and-easy customization came as a nice surprise: “With MightyCall, I can just log in and quickly re-route all my calls in seconds to the cell network with the best coverage, so it doesn’t matter if I am using my AT&T or Verizon number.”

However, there’s no limit to perfection. Berry’s office is only connected via a single landline, so he plans to install an additional MightyCall extension or a VoIP line to enhance his business communication model. Jon is also considering using MightyCall to power up teamwork: assigning extension numbers to all the employees will allow them to prioritize calls among themselves for a sharper customer response.

Being a busy person with extremely limited time, Berry thinks that MightyCall’s voicemail capabilities are especially handy. Without monitoring multiple voicemail sources, he can track his customers’ requests from anywhere with MightyCall mobile application and dashboard. Voicemail transcription allows to the messages instead of listening to them ― a much faster way, indeed.

Berry: “I use MightyCall for the voicemail, which I like very much. It is very convenient for me that MightyCall is able to intercept all my voicemail in one place. Whether these come in on the phone or through email, I can intercept all of them in one spot.”

Jon Berry is only getting started with MightyCall’s virtual phone number system. He admits that there are still many useful options to explore, but he perceives development as an evolutionary process, where impatience is unacceptable. For now, Jon has made sure of the system’s reliability. The next step will be implementing its features both more intensively and more extensively.

As you can see, MightyCall is a truly versatile solution suitable for both power users and people new to virtual phone system technology. The latter will value a vast range of professional features and the ability to customize the layout beyond limits. The former will appreciate MightyCall’s user-friendliness: it takes literally minutes to get started, while all the configurable options are tuned via intuitive flow-charts.

MightyCall’s mission is providing virtual phone number options to small/medium business owners ― and that’s where we excel. Regardless of your business industry ― be it e-commerce, the service sector, IT support or lodging ― we know how to get your needs covered. Our subscribers are taking full advantage of MightyCall reliance, flexibility and exceptional customer support. In its turn, improved customer interaction results in reduced overheads and increased profits, so there’s actually n reason to wait.
Contact us now to do the first step towards impeccable communications setup of your own.

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