Versature or MightyCall?

Alternatives MightyCall vs Versature

Versature overview

Versature, an Ottawa-based VoIP provider currently focused on the Canadian market, has been working up the industry ladder since 2003. The company had made plenty of progress, getting constant shout outs in the Ottawa Business Journal, up to its acquisition by a subsidiary of the American conglomerate IDT Corporation last autumn.

How becoming part of a gigantic corporation affects the small Canadian VoIP provider, no one knows, but with a change in leadership and the historical track record of what happens when successful small businesses give up their autonomy for greater financial resources, Versature might not continue its upward trajectory.

Whether or not you’re Canadian, you wouldn’t be compelled to look into Versature much. For customers familiar with the virtual phone market, there is nothing on Versature’s website that inspires confidence; aside from several vague bits of copy about phones and namedropping a couple phone system features, the website could very well be for half a dozen other products or services.

No matter which section you go to or how hard you search, Versature is unflinchingly committed to having you take a demo to see what the system is like. And sure, demos are common for the industry, but they aren’t normally a company’s main crutch. Companies that focus on demos don’t have enough confidence in their product to stand on its own against the competition—they need to funnel prospective customers to demos where salespeople can give them the full pitch and wear down their reservations.

But you shouldn’t give in to that silly structuring. It isn’t clear anywhere what features Versature does and does not offer. Unless you are completely new to VoIP, failing to be able to get that information without talking to a salesperson should absolutely send you headed for the exit, looking for another Canadian VoIP provider.

Versature’s plans and prices

The prices are far from extraordinary. The loosely quoted plans are billed at $29.99, $34.99, and $44.99 a month.

The main difference in plans in the number of minutes available, with features largely ignored. If important and powerful features aren’t in the system, what’s the point of paying more simply for minutes when free VoIP alternatives like Skype and Google Voice exist?

The features that are listed on the pricing page all cost extra per month as well! Call recording, fax, additional phone numbers, and porting numbers all will run your bill up. But that isn’t the worst part—Versature runs on contracts, and these prices, which aren’t stellar to begin with, are all based on signing your company’s soul away for 12 months. Do you want to be locked into any system just because the salesperson impressed you during a 15-minute demo?

Versature vs MightyCall

MightyCall beats Versature on price and plans. Want to dip your toe into virtual phone waters? Our entry plan, at $19.99, has everything you’ll need to give your business a boost, including two toll-free or local phone numbers and unlimited extensions and texting so everyone in your company can get involved.

If you’re more serious about VoIP, our $49.99 plan has way more features than Versature’s, ones which you don’t actually have to pay extra for. Better yet? Our $49.99 plan has unlimited minutes.

MightyCall doesn’t use contracts or hardware either, so you’ll have the freedom to run your business however you’d like without worrying about cancellation fees or returning deskphones.

MightyCall logo


Price per month $ 19.99* $ 29.99**
Long-term contract No 12 months
Hardware No Phone rental
Minutes Included 1 000 2 500
Texting Unlimited No
User extensions Unlimited 6
Local or Toll-free numbers 2 1
Business hours Yes Yes
Auto attendant Yes $8
Call forwarding Yes Yes
Conference calling Yes No
Custom greeting Yes Yes
Business contact book Yes $8
Mini-CRM functionality Yes No
Call Queue Yes 10 call queues
Caler ID Yes Yes
Voice-to-text transcription Yes No
Hardphones support No Yes
Internet fax No $29
Webphone for In/Out Calls Yes $3/mo per user
Click-to-call widget Yes Yes
Call-back request from the website Yes No
Social Media tracking Yes No
Number porting Free $60
*Basic plan **Essentials


Between needing the hardware to get up and running (and essentially locking your company’s future communications up in those phones that you are renting from Versature, phones which would be taken away immediately if you cancelled your plan), the lackluster deals, the ho-hum lineup of features and the plain ole’ inconvenient entry point, Versature is not a great choice for Canadian VoIP. You deserve better, Canada! Keep on looking and you’ll surely find better providers out there.

If you’re looking to make the switch to MightyCall and you wish to keep your number, we’ll port your current virtual number in for free.