What is PhoneUnite?

AlternativesPhone Unite vs MightyCall

Dynamic, fast paced, and anything but stuck in one location, PhoneUnite is built for the way modern businesses run. PhoneUnite frees you from your desk while letting you operate and talk to callers as if you were sitting right behind it. You don’t need any new hardware, just your existing phone.

What are some key differences between PhoneUnite and MightyCall?

PhoneUnite and MightyCall are similar, but there are a few features that set them apart.

  • Social Media Tracker: MightyCall offers an app for iOS and Android that includes an activity queue where you can easily check all of your social activity and respond from one place.
  • Contact Us Page: MightyCall offers a free “contact us” WordPress plugin to use on your website. It’s slick, easy to install and portrays your businesses information in a simple to read way.
  • Never Miss A Customer Call: With MightyCall you can have up to 45 devices ring at the same time so someone on your team always catches the call.

Still hesitating? Talk to our specialist to see the system in action