The MightyCall Activity Queue consolidates customer requests from across the web, social media sites and your business phone.

Streamline your business by consolidating your customer requests into a single activity queue ready for your team. Automatically bring together customer requests from your website contact us page, Twitter and Facebook accounts, common email inboxes, 3rd party email notifications and the MightyCall Voice Channel. Ensure quick follow up to open requests and eliminate lost business from lost emails, unanswered voice mail messages and more.

MightyCall Supported Activity Streams

MightyCall Contact Us Widget

The MightyCall Contact Us Widget

Customer contact requests from your website are instantly added to your MightyCall Activity Queue ready for review & response. Default expiration timestamp is set at 24hrs for an email request and 4hrs for a call-me-back request.

To-do management with the MightyCall app

The todo @ MightyCall Email Inbox

Turn any email into a task by forwarding it to the MightyCall Task Inbox. MightyCall automatically recognizes your email address and adds the email to your business activity queue. Perfect for making sure that those sales@, info@ and support@ email get the attention they need. Default expiration timestamp is set at 24hrs for items forwarded into the common task inbox.

Turn Twitter mentions into tasks on MightyCall

Twitter Direct Messages & Mentions

Connect your MightyCall account to a Twitter account and your direct messages and mentions will automatically be turned into tasks and added to the activity queue. The default expiration timestamp is set at 2 hours for Twitter activities.

Facebook messages and posts on MightyCall!

Facebook Messages and Posts

Link your MightyCall account to a Facebook Business Page and get all messages and posts to that page turned into tasks and added to the activity queue. The default expiration timestamp is set at 2 hours for Facebook activities.

Get a dedicated phone number for your business today.

The MightyCall Voice Channel

Run your business better with a dedicated phone number that is integrated with the MightyCall activity queue. The voice channel comes complete with auto-attendant, personalized greetings, call menus & business voice mail. MightyCall automatically adds missed calls and voice mail messages to the queue and makes voice mail messages available for instant playback. The default expiration timestamp for voice mails and misses calls are both set at 4 hours.

Enter your to-do items from the web or from our mobile app.

To-do Items

Enter to-do items from the web interface or the mobile application. Default timestamp expiration for to-do items is set to 4 hours.

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