Professional Phone Greeting: Gain Instant Credibility

Gain Instant Credibility With A Professional Phone Greeting - Welcome Mat With Dog

People want to talk to people. That’s why they call in when they have a problem. Sure, there is always e-mail or social media, but neither carries the immediacy and emotiveness of a one-to-one conversation on the phone.

That’s also the reason why it makes a lot of sense for companies use  professional recordings on their virtual phone systems to answer a customer calling in.

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An Update Regarding The Service Disruption on Aug 18 

MightyCall Keeps Your Customers Connected to Your Business

Growing up, and then again in the army, I was always taught to be accountable to the people who depended on me.

What matter was not whose fault it was, but whether I fulfilled my responsibilities to those who counted on me. So here am I, hat in hand, to apologize for what I now call Black Monday. Allow me to explain.

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Take Advantage of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Is your enterprise taking advantage of marketing automation?

If not, you’re far from alone. Even though the field of marketing automation is growing rapidly, only 3 percent of non-technology companies are actually deploying the technology, according to a January 2014 VentureBeat report.

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Three Things to Consider Professional Voice Greetings

Professional Voice Greetings Can Improve Your Business

If you have followed the MightyCall blog for any length of time, you will know by now that we are big on creating a great first impression with the people who call you on your toll-free or local number.

This article is for those of you who are sold on the concept, and are ready to get started.

Before you get professional voice greetings recorded by a voice actor, you’re going to need to do a little research and also, to write a script.

Here are a few tips that can help you get started:Continue Reading Article >

Connecting With Customers Just Got Easier


In the last installment with Jim Basingame from The Small Business Advocate, Stijn talks about the connectivity landscape and how the call center has come a long way from the days of beepers and plain cell phones.

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How A Cloud Based Contact Center Can Make You Money

Cloud Based Contact Center

In the second round with Jim Blasingame from The Small Business Advocate, Stijn talks about how today companies still pay thousands of dollars to route calls with the technology not having advanced much and how MightyCall provides affordable enterprise capabilities for small businesses such as call recording and conferencing.

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It’s Time For Your Business To Have A Cloud Based Call Center


CMO of MightyCall Stijn Hendrikse is interviewed by Jim Blasingame from The Small Business Advocate about MightyCall.

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Why You Should Have On Hold Messaging For Your Company

Everyone’s been put on hold on the line before. Yet, not every company knows very much about these voice recordings that greet customers when they first call in over the phone.

How often are people put on hold, for starters? How long do they stay on the line? And do such messages actually generate real sales?

Many companies have a vague idea of the answers. Those that have been in the business long enough should know their customers well. Still, there are some facts that will surprise even the best-run call centers in the country.Continue Reading Article >

7 Tips for Business Voicemail Greeting

Professional Voicemail Greetings

Does your outgoing voicemail message turn off customers and prospects? Or does it compel them to engage with your company?

It’s an important question to consider, and here’s why: Up to 82 percent of people calling businesses will hang up instead of dealing with a phone tree or voicemail, according to an often-cited virtual office study. Every hang-up is a lost opportunity for your business.Continue Reading Article >

Ask Andy: How to Enable Call Recording With MightyCall

Andy, our Customer Success Manager takes us through MightyCall’s newest feature, call recording! Learn how to enable call recording today by watching the video below.