What Customers Think of On Hold Phone Messages

August 14, 2014

Everyone’s been put on hold on the line before. Yet, not every company knows very much about these voice recordings that greet customers when they first call in over the phone.

How often are people put on hold, for starters? How long do they stay on the line? And do such messages actually generate real sales?

Many companies have a vague idea of the answers. Those that have been in the business long enough should know their customers well. Still, there are some facts that will surprise even the best-run call centers in the country.Continue Reading Article >

Innovation of Phone Technology: Taking a Look Back [Infographic]

August 7, 2014

Communication has vastly changed in the course of human history. From smoke signals, to carrier pigeons, morse code, to the first invention of the phone in 1876 by Alexander Graham.

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