Ask Andy: How to Enable Call Recording With MightyCall

Andy, our Customer Success Manager takes us through MightyCall’s newest feature, call recording! Learn how to enable call recording today by watching the video below.


Learn How An International Internet Phone Number Helps Your Business

If your business has customers in other countries, you can now give them a local number to call so they do not incur expensive international charges.

All you have to do is to add an international Internet phone number to your MightyCall virtual phone system – it only cost $10 a month.

Add An International Internet Phone Number 

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Top 4 Reasons Phone Systems For Startups Are Still Needed

Even if your tech start-up is only going to serve tech-savvy people, at some point, you’re going to need a virtual phone system.


Because you can bet your bottom dollar that eventually, some of your customers are going to want to talk to you, and you must be there to listen.

Skeptical? I was too, until I realized that the reports of the death of voice have been greatly exaggerated.

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Professional Greetings and Virtual Phone Systems

First impressions matter. That’s true for the dating scene, and it’s true for when customers call you for the first time.

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Ask Andy: What Are MightyCalls Coolest Features?

So you want to know what cool stuff MightyCall can do? Here’s a little list to show you why we’re the coolest Virtual Phone System around!

1. We let you filter out specific numbers (Great for solicitors and those pesky ex’s.)

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.54.50 PM

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Ask Andy: How do I Install ClickConnect?

The click connect widget is used to stay in touch with customers. If any customers have a business inquiry you can embed the widget in your website and a customer can dial you directly from their website to receive instant feedback! Here’s how to make one!

From your MightyCall toolbar select the Voice tab & the drop down menu select Click Connect
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Ask Andy: How Do I Upgrade My MightyCall Subscription?

Businesses grow, and with that your MightyCall minutes and users amount may need room for growing as well.

Here’s how to upgrade your MightyCall subscription:

From your MightyCall navigation bar select “My Account” then “Billing”

My Account Billing


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Ask Andy: Can I Export Call History Data?

You may want to export call history data in order see peak caller times, create a graph/table, or maybe even just for safekeeping. Here’s How!

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Ask Andy: “My Voicemail Message Plays Multiple Times- How Do I Fix That?”

Sometimes when setting up your MightyCall account you will notice that your voicemail messages aren’t playing as you intended. Here’s some tips to help so you get the perfect behavior every time.

1. Select the “Voice” tab from your toolbar at the top of your MightyCall account and a drop down menu will appear:


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Internet Telephony Term Cheat Sheet

—Here are some terms that get thrown around our office that we think you should know. This way you’ll be better able to understand us better.


Internet Telephony Term Cheat Sheet

What is DID?
Direct Inward Dial (Phone #)

What is —Toll-free?
800 (888, 877, 866, 855, 844) phone numbers for both US and Canada.

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