[Infographic] Cell Phone Etiquette

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy month and in honor of the observance, we created a guide on cell phone courtesy and tips. It is very important to be aware of your surroundings and the situation you’re in when using the phone in the courtesy of other people around you: Cell Phone Courtesy Infographic

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It’s important to keep in mind these tips every day, especially when using MightyCall’s voice feature to attend to your customers. Not a MightyCall customer? Try out MightyCall now for free.

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How to improve customer service with outbound calls

Many of you have asked for a dialpad so you can make outbound calls from within your MightyCall app on your iOS or Android device. We get it, it’s important to be able to get back to customers and still be able to mask your personal cell number.

We heard you, and blessed with the coolest, fastest, and most responsive developers and product engineers on the planet, we delivered in a matter of weeks.

We are pleased like heck to announce the dial pad feature from within your MightyCall app – Android phones should already be updated, and iOS devices will be available in the coming days once Apple is done with its review of the new release.

We take great pride and pleasure in making a product that keeps getting better and better, thanks to your support and suggestions. Keep it coming!

Listen to what MightyCall MightyFan (ok, customer) Kevin Lake of Aquaria Guru has to say about the new dialpad feature.

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