Would you cheat on your boss with a side business?

Would you cheat on your boss?

We recently completed a survey of 267 respondents, where the main question was “would you cheat on your boss.” We found some pretty interesting stuff – you can get the quick glance with the info-graphic.

For starters, we were intrigued by the respondent who said her side gig in the evenings was running an exotic dance service.  We were a little bummed out that she chose to remain anonymous.

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Make a Call with MightyCall!

Here at MightyCall we’re excited to tell you about our new ‘Make a Call’ (Beta)

make a call 1

Now through MightyCall’s web-portal you’ll be able to make calls using your MightyCall business phone number as the outbound caller ID.

make a call 2

Calls into your MightyCall account will still be routed to a dedicated phone, but with ‘Make a call’ you’ll be able to return voicemails, missed calls and dial outbound numbers through your account without using the MightyCall Mobile application.

make a call 3

This gives you and your co-workers another way to use MightyCall when you’re at your desk.

Plug in those headsets and get to work!

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

How To Run A Side Business (When You’re Tired)

Before Work and After Work moods

Have you ever imagined what the last day of your full-time job will feel like?

You know, that day when you finally quit, because your side business is bringing in a full-time income.

That day you walk out of your boss’s office, with two middle fingers up in the air, and a giant smirk stretched across your face.


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What Old(er) People Need to Know on Selling to Gen Y [infographic]

It’s official! The Generation that grew up with Disney movies, Barney, and Hocus Pocus every Halloween has finally grown up and are now the generation that is entering the job market. Acclaimed to be the biggest generation after baby boomers, Millennials aren’t force to be reckon with when it comes to their spending dollars and the ability to cause major chaos to a brand.

Aside from their willingness to spend as youngsters in general, they have extreme high standards when it comes to customer service. They’ve been raised on the internet and are huge when it comes to embracing smartphone technology.

Technology in general has highly raised the stakes when it comes to customer service as it’s generally fast, personalized, transparent and has a good level of control from the customer (1). Aspects of customer service that are no longer optional for business, it’s a must!

This generation isn’t “wowed” by technology (1) and everything that was amazing and innovative ten years ago is now part of the typical life of a millennial. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then a smartphone is the vowed down married spouse of a millennial. Generally it’s their life from shopping, music, coupons, navigation, and, let’s not forget, socialization.

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A/B Testing Method to Successful Online Flirting



As my father would say to me going through the growing pains and the first world struggles of middle school and puberty, “son there comes a time in every man’s life where he feels the need to look for a woman.”

This goes just as equally for the men as it does for the females in that we all feel the need for partnership. Just like the thought of winning the lottery, it’s wishful thinking that the right person will eventually come in your life sweeping off your feet.

Rather than wish for it to happen, you’ll have to obviously go out there and chase after your prince charming or the girl of your dreams and expectations.Read more…

How to Cheat on Your Boss as A Moonlighting Entrepreneur


Sometimes a common way to describe someone you’re attracted to is “cute”, “friendly” and “Sexy” and “I want you behind those doors!”. If that thing you pine over is your entrepreneurial dream, and you loathe your day job, then maybe a little nookie behind your boss’s back might be in order.Read more…

A Different Voice Greeting For Different Needs

A different phone greeting for different purposes.

So you are all on-board with having a virtual phone system and a professional voice greeting help you make the best first impression possible with your customers. Great!

You aren’t quite sure if you are going to record your own greetings to sound more authentic, or hire a voice actor to help your business sound as professional as it really is.

Either way, you are going to have to figure out what kinds of greetings you need.

Just how do you go about coming up with a script for your on-hold messages? Start by breaking things up into several segments, separating the different messages into broad categories.Read more…

4 Things To Consider For A Professional On-Hold Voice Greeting

Professional oh-hold voice greetings give you instant credibility.

Yesterday, we shared a post for those of you who decided that it would be a good idea to take the DIY approach to recording your on-hold voice greeting.

However, to gain instant credibility, a professional voice actor is hard to beat, and there are companies out there that make the process simple.

While it might seem simple to hand your phone greeting off to the professionals, there are still a number of factors to consider to get things right.Read more…

5 Ways To Do Your Own On-Hold Voice Greeting

DIY phone greeting

There are times when you might want or actually need to roll up your sleeves and record an on-hold voice greeting of your own.

For instance, you may have a really tight deadline and need a message done ASAP to get across to customers before a professional recording can be scripted and done.

Or maybe you just want that extra touch of authenticity.

Regardless the reason, here are some tips to create a recording that would be helpful to your callers and create a good experience for them.Read more…

How a Virtual Receptionist Can Boost Customer Experience

A robot happy to improve customer experience

Ever wondered what goes through customers’ mind when they call in and are put on hold by your company’s virtual receptionist?

Knowing this will help you better customer experience when you create the voice recording for when they have to wait for an operator to speak to.

We already know how much first impressions are formed by something as simple as a voice recording. Plus, it’s no mystery that customers have their “antenna” up and are looking for clues or signs of how competent a company is when they call in. A recorded phone message, while they are put on hold, is key to this process of constant evaluation.Read more…