What’s better than Google Voice? MightyCall!

“MightyCall saves us up to six times what it costs us. That’s a no-brainer for me.”
– Christine and William Schinagl, Owners, Simple Stroller Rental

When the owners of Simple Stroller Rental read about the Google Graveyard, they knew they had to find something better than Google Voice. Quickly too, before Google abandoned yet another failed experiment. This was a big deal to Simple Stroller Rental because it got a good chunk of its business from Disney World vacationers through its phone number.

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SetUpYourBooth Uses Virtual Phone System to Get Customer Needs

Adam Scanlon from Setupmybooth.com

MightyCall had a lot of the criteria which I wanted for my business; the right price, right service, right scale and scalability, and more importantly it was a service that we could get started with quickly and easily.

– Adam Scanlon, Founder, Setupmybooth.com


SetUpYourBooth.com specializes on helping companies set up their booths at trade shows in a cost effective way. Early on, founder Adam Scanlon recognized that the company needed an easy way for customers to contact his business so that he could always be there for deep customer conversations.Read more…

Seattle Sandwich Chain Picks MightyCall Virtual Phone System

Homegrown Sandwich Shop

 “We sell to a well-educated, affluent demographic and to businesses located downtown, so it is important for us to project a professional, business-like image. MightyCall delivers cost savings and … we can take orders seamlessly, put in professional voice greetings and access the messages left by our customers quickly.”

– Brad Gillis, Co-Founder, Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop


Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop is known throughout the greater Seattle area for its locally sourced, all-natural, organic and wholesomely prepared sandwiches, salads, and soups that are as fresh as they are healthy.

The local chain, which has stores in eight locations and plans to expand beyond the Emerald City, wanted a virtual phone system that would grow with it, without a burgeoning price tag.Read more…

Roofers Come Up Tops With a Virtual Phone System

Roofers score with virtual phone system

“For a small company like ours, we were able to put a professional greeting on a sophisticated phone system, and this immediately gives us a lot of credibility when prospective customers call.”

– Jose Vasquez, President, Mainland Roofing

It’s one thing to do quality work and impress customers. It’s quite another to do it so well that they rave about you to their friends.

And when those referrals come, the worst thing any business can do is to miss them.

Those two related business best practices are principles that have helped Mainland Roofing grow from a small outfit to the 20-person organization it is today.Read more…

E-tailer Saves Money With Virtual Phone System

Virtual Phone System saves money for Greek Superstore

“MightyCall saves us money, so that was the clear choice for us. With MightyCall’s Virtual Phone System, I could be working from home, or be on a beach, and still take all my calls and not miss any customers.”

– Sevasti Panagiotopoulos, General Manager, Greek Superstore

By ditching its pricey business phone lines and using MightyCall’s virtual phone system instead, e-tailer Greek SuperStore saves more than $150 every month.

The e-tailer sells a wide variety of adult and children’s apparel, books, music and even concert tickets through its website. It also has a retail store in Astoria, NY.

Sevasti Panagiotopoulos, the General Manager of Greek SuperStore, said that with MightyCall’s rich call management features and affordable value-added plans, her company can serve customers and reduce operating costs at the same time.Read more…

A Virtual Phone System Power Users Love

Virtual Phone Systems for Power Users

“With MightyCall, I can just log in and quickly re-route all my calls in seconds to the cell network with the best coverage, so it doesn’t matter if I am using my AT&T or  Verizon number.”

– Jon Berry, Owner, Green Olive Tree

Trust, reliability and great customer service are three things that Green Olive Tree and its owner, Jon Berry, stand for. They also happen to embody what MightyCall’s virtual phone system is all about.

Green Olive Tree, a company that designs and implements hosting solutions for small businesses, was started through Berry’s lifelong love for computing and a belief that technology could help businesses run by the average Joe.Read more…

Why MightyCall is the best alternative to Grasshopper

Virtual phone system lets Alaskan tour operator work remotely

“MightyCall was more flexible and better value than Grasshopper, and allows our business to be mobile and the team to work virtually, which is our main goal. Because our business is 99% Internet based, we don’t need a fixed location nor the costly infrastructure that includes fixed phone systems and staff needed to man the phones, as all these add to our operational costs.”

– Drew Fortner, Owner , Skagway Shore Tours

In a world where businesses no longer need brick-and-mortar shop fronts or centralized office spaces, MightyCall’s virtual phone system has allowed Skagway Shore Tours’ fast growing cruise excursion business to serve its customers regardless of where its network of agents may be.Read more…

WeWork Members Pick MightyCall as Alternative to Google Voice

WeWork Tenant Picks MightyCall as Alternative to Google Voice

“I liked the added level of professionalism that MightyCall brings to our company, the way we can greet our callers with a professional virtual receptionist. It really complements our professional WeWork office space.”

– Benoit Haber, Partner, Opeus

When is free not free? When it gets in the way of growing one’s business, that’s when.

That was the experience of the founders of the Opeus Group, a WeWork member that provides professional services in the design and construction industry in the greater Washington D.C. area.

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Moonlighting Entrepreneurs Kickoff 3D Replica Startup

3diality uses MightyCall for their virtual phone systems.

“People who use social media really appreciate it when they post something and we actually answer right away. We are able to manage everything from the phone, and this sold us on the service. Everything with MightyCall is MightyGood.”

– Grisel Gallardo, Co-Owner,  3Diality

Some folks moonlight by taking on a second job. But for an increasing group of entrepreneurs, moonlighting means starting their own business.

Just ask Leonardo Lopez-Mobilia and Grisel Gallardo, who started 3Diality, a 3D replica business while holding down day jobs. Both of them credit MightyCall for helping them manage their growing business despite the responsibilities of their full-time employment.

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Why MightyCall’s Activity Queue Shines In Show Biz

The latest customer to be featured on our blog is Yankie Grant of Rusty Yankie Productions. Grant came to MightyCall in need of a business number and found that the MightyCall’s many features best fit her needs. Yankie uses Facebook to post auditions, share tips and make announcements to her network. The Social Media Tracker helps Grant with the activity on the Facebook pages for both Rusty Yankie Productions.

Screen Shot 2014 RustyYankie


“You’re always looking for a different avenue that helps take the work off of you, and this is the way it happens”, said Grant.



Rusty is the nickname of Grant’s business partner, so it was only right to combine their fun names and start a production company. As former actresses with years of production experience, Rusty Yankie Productions was born. Specializing in film, television and commercials, they do the casting of the cast and crew for most feature films in the Texas area.


Yankie and Rusty found that the virtual phone receptionist would be ideal for their business in order to never miss a call. The MightyCall number associated with Grant’s casting company allows her to receive calls from production companies in California and Chicago that film productions in Texas. This allows them to expand their business’ reach outside of the Greater Texas area.

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