Why Your Small Business Needs Its Own Phone Number

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No matter how small a business might be, it’s important to project a professional appearance to new customers and prospects. For example, an email address from your business domain has more impact than, say, a standard Gmail email address. The same is true with your phone number. If you really want your business to look professional, it should have its own dedicated phone number—even if you’re a sole proprietor.

Put another way, there are disadvantages to using your personal phone number, such as your own cell phone, as your business number, too. (more…)

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Why Having Too Many Phones Is Bad for the Environment

Too many phones, need a virtual phone system


Learn why having too many phones is bad for the environment, and how a small business virtual phone system can help eliminate this.

Many people today have multiple phones. Some carry two cellphones: one for work, one for personal use. We buy ‘disposable’ phones with pay-as-you-go plans, sometimes for international travel, in addition to the smartphone we already own.

But the cumulative effect of all these phones has an impact on our environment. (more…)

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The Comcast Customer Service Disaster: 8 Ways to Avoid It



Telephone customer service recently received a huge black eye, thanks to an audio recording that went viral. The recording was of a phone conversation between a Comcast customer retention service rep and a customer trying to cancel his account.

The gist is that Comcast’s rep continually asked why the customer wanted to discontinue service and then persistently pushed Comcast products. The recording is well worth a listen, as it’s a textbook example of how not to provide customer support over the phone. (more…)

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Are You Ignoring Gen X and Gen Y Customers?

Gen X and Gen Y Communication Differences

Are You Ignoring Gen X and Gen Y Customers?

There’s a generational disconnect in how businesses communicate with customers today. And it might be costing you money.


In a late 2012 Forrester Research survey, participants in different age groups were asked if they prefer online customer service vs. talking with a service rep by phone. Generation Y (born 1980 to 2000) was the largest group to favor online communications, at 44 percent, followed by Generation Z (born 2001 and later) at 41 percent and Gen X (born 1965 to 1979) at 39 percent.


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