Ozon.ru Takes Control Of Customer Support


As a company that not only sells products, but also takes care of a range of services, such as logistics, shipping and customer support, Ozon.ru knows how important its call center is to its business.

It is a critical link in the entire business chain, which is highly outsourced. Despite choosing reliable partners, the need for managing the quality of service and ensuring customers are well-served falls often on the staff on the front line, at the call center.Read more…

Automating Calls Boosts Efficiency at Otkrytie Bank

Otkrytie Bank

Simply by automating outgoing calls to clients at Soft Collection Department, the Otkrytie Bank was able to recently boost productivity and process as much as five times the amount of loan agreements without expanding staff strength.

That was but one result of setting up Infratel’s software solutions for managing incoming and outgoing calls.Read more…

Tatfondbank Chooses MightyCall

Tatfondbank chooses MightyCall

Tatfondbank Chooses MightyCall

When Tadfondbank wanted to develop its retail business in 2011 with a new team, it knew it had to expand its existing call center to support the new customers signing on soon.

In 2007, the call center had just five employees. In a short few years, this was boosted to 51 staff and later to 77 employees at the time or writing.Read more…

MightyCall Assist STD Petrovich In Improving Efficiency

STD Petrovich

When STD Petrovich opened a call center in 2007, it created its own software to manage the operations. A year later, seeking improved efficiency, the company began looking to third-party solutions to handle an increasing number of calls.

The construction materials maker selected Infratel because it didn’t just bring a lot of technical capabilities but also solved a problem for STD Petrovich, said Elena Meyer, the head of its call center.Read more…

Parallels Turns to MightyCall To Support Customers Worldwide


With 300 operators spread through five different countries in India, Malaysia, China, Japan and Russia, Parallels recently turned to Infratel to improve the way they support customers.

It has a call center running seven days a week and engineers handling some 600 calls a day. At the same time, the call center structure was complex and graphically diverse.Read more…

Call Insights Help Center of Financial Technologies Keep Up Growth

Center of Financial Technologies

As business grows, scaling up becomes one of the biggest challenges for any company. For the Center of Financial Technologies (CFT), this meant service levels had to remain high, despite having to handle six times as many calls from customers.

In 2009, it had seven operators handling 500 calls a day. Today, that has grown to 30 employees and 3,000 calls a day.Read more…

Autotrading Expands After Analyzing Customer Calls

Autotrading uses MightyCall

Autotrading Expands After Analyzing Customer Calls

Autotrading, one of the largest freight forwarders in Russia, recently embarked on a campaign to increase customer loyalty. The main thrust of its plan was to boost the capacity for processing incoming calls. It decided to add a new site in the region to complement its existing call center in Moscow. The more than 150 operators today handle more than 160,000 calls a month, which are critical to the business.
Rimma Nikitina, head of the information department at Autotrading , said: “Since 2009, when we started using call center management software from Infratel, we have had the chance to analyze a large amount of calls coming in and to monitor the center’s performance.”

Read more…