Why MightyCall’s Activity Queue Shines In Show Biz

The latest customer to be featured on our blog is Yankie Grant of Rusty Yankie Productions. Grant came to MightyCall in need of a business number and found that the MightyCall’s many features best fit her needs. Yankie uses Facebook to post auditions, share tips and make announcements to her network. The Social Media Tracker helps Grant with the activity on the Facebook pages for both Rusty Yankie Productions.

Screen Shot 2014 RustyYankie


“You’re always looking for a different avenue that helps take the work off of you, and this is the way it happens”, said Grant.



Rusty is the nickname of Grant’s business partner, so it was only right to combine their fun names and start a production company. As former actresses with years of production experience, Rusty Yankie Productions was born. Specializing in film, television and commercials, they do the casting of the cast and crew for most feature films in the Texas area.


Yankie and Rusty found that the virtual phone receptionist would be ideal for their business in order to never miss a call. The MightyCall number associated with Grant’s casting company allows her to receive calls from production companies in California and Chicago that film productions in Texas. This allows them to expand their business’ reach outside of the Greater Texas area.


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How a Local Business Number Can Improve Your Small Business

Our latest customer comes from Asheville, North Carolina. We spoke with owner Nathan Silsbee of Greenstone Media on how MightyCall is helping his young company grow.


In a small city that was the hub for the arts and small business, there was a demand for web development and digital marketing services. Silbee’s background in web design made him the perfect candidate help small business owners build better businesses.

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See Why Anabolic Technology is Pumped to Have a Virtual Phone System

Anabolic Tech logo

The next customer to be featured on our blog comes from East Coast-based company Anabolic Technology, which uses MightyCall’s Voice Channel to keep up with daily customer inquiries. With his first clients being doctors, founder Richie Contartesi thought it appropriate to name his new company Anabolic Technology.

Said Contartesi: “I came up with the name Anabolic Technology because anabolic is the state of building and we’re building and designing websites.”

Contartesi had experience developing his own start-ups and wanted to help others get their businesses off the ground.

“That’s where it all started and Anabolic Technology kind of just took off from there”, said Contartesi.


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How to improve customer service with outbound calls

Many of you have asked for a dialpad so you can make outbound calls from within your MightyCall app on your iOS or Android device. We get it, it’s important to be able to get back to customers and still be able to mask your personal cell number.

We heard you, and blessed with the coolest, fastest, and most responsive developers and product engineers on the planet, we delivered in a matter of weeks.

We are pleased like heck to announce the dial pad feature from within your MightyCall app – Android phones should already be updated, and iOS devices will be available in the coming days once Apple is done with its review of the new release.

We take great pride and pleasure in making a product that keeps getting better and better, thanks to your support and suggestions. Keep it coming!

Listen to what MightyCall MightyFan (ok, customer) Kevin Lake of Aquaria Guru has to say about the new dialpad feature.

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