8 ways MightyCall is the best alternative to Google Voice

Be afraid, Google Voice. Be very afraid.
Be afraid, Google Voice. Be very afraid.

The Google Graveyard. It’s a thing.

Don’t believe me? Check this great article on Slate, and while you are at it, leave a flower for your favorite dearly departed Google experiment.

Rumors have been swirling since March that Google Voice is next, and with Google I/O happening soon, I guess we’ll find out one way or another.

Word on the street seems to be that the features of Google Voice may be rolled into Google Hangout.

Which is great if you use Google Voice for personal stuff. Not so much if you use it for your business.

It’ll be like having a business email that says joe1974theplumber@gmail.com. I mean, you could, but odds are Joe’s potential customers might prefer to work with joe@professionalplumbers.com.

Given Google’s track record of abandoning services and customers that do not generate revenue, it would make sense to look for a replacement to Google Voice now before the rug is pulled out from under you.

If you run a business, we’ve built MightyCall React to do what Google Voice tries to do for you, plus a whole lot more. Here are 8 reasons why MightyCall React is an even better substitute than Google Voice:

  • look like a professional business with a custom call menu, complete with extension numbers and a virtual receptionist to route calls.
  • pick your extension numbers – loathe someone on your team? Give him or her extension 666.
  • never miss a call from a prospective customer again. I mean, when you can have 45 devices ringing at the same time, it’s kinda hard to miss anything.
  • whip up a neat-looking “Contact Us” page for your website or WordPress site in minutes.
  • never let a customer request fall between the cracks again with an activity queue that keeps track of all customer communications
  • track what customers are saying about you on Facebook and Twitter without paying for fancy software
  • See who on your team is working the hardest to keep your customers happy with a built-in dashboard,
  • Google is a big company with big business priorities. Non-revenue generating experiments like Google Voice are not one of those priorities. With MightyCall, it is all we do, and it is the thing we do really well.

We have more than 10,000 customers, and some of them have really taken MightyCall and ran with it.

Grab a free number now and take MightyCall React for a test drive, risk-free. It costs you nothing to find a better way to power the way you connect with your own customers.

And when you have convinced yourself that we have the best alternative to Google Voice, we’ll make it easy to move your Google number to MightyCall.

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How to improve customer service with outbound calls

Many of you have asked for a dialpad so you can make outbound calls from within your MightyCall app on your iOS or Android device. We get it, it’s important to be able to get back to customers and still be able to mask your personal cell number.

We heard you, and blessed with the coolest, fastest, and most responsive developers and product engineers on the planet, we delivered in a matter of weeks.

We are pleased like heck to announce the dial pad feature from within your MightyCall app – Android phones should already be updated, and iOS devices will be available in the coming days once Apple is done with its review of the new release.

We take great pride and pleasure in making a product that keeps getting better and better, thanks to your support and suggestions. Keep it coming!

Listen to what MightyCall MightyFan (ok, customer) Kevin Lake of Aquaria Guru has to say about the new dialpad feature.

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MightyCall Appoints Stijn Hendrikse Global CMO

MightyCall's new CMO and MD for N. America, Stijn Hendrikse.
MightyCall’s new CMO and GM for N. America, Stijn Hendrikse.

Seattle, Washington, May 27, 2014 — MightyCall, the innovative Cloud-based contact center solution company that’s shaking up the Small and Medium Business communications market, today announced the appointment of Stijn Hendrikse as global Chief Marketing Officer and General Manager for its North American Operations, effective immediately.

Hendrikse, a former Microsoft executive and marketing leader with 20 years of experience in ERP, Microsoft, and Cloud software solutions, will lead all global marketing and the end-to-end North American business for MightyCall.

“I’m excited to start this new journey with MightyCall,” said Hendrikse, who was Acumatica’s global Sales & Marketing leader for the past three years. “After taking Acumatica, a leader in Cloud ERP software, from start-up to high growth in the past few years, I’m excited about the potential that MightyCall has.”

Hendrikse helped build the Acumatica brand and drove partner recruitment. Under his tenure, the Acumatica sales and marketing team also shipped two product launches, as well as partner summits and spring training events.

Said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Acronis, Founder and Chairman of the Board of MightyCall, and Senior Partner of Runa Capital: “Stijn has successfully turned Acumatica from a tiny startup that develops ERP solutions to improve the productivity of SMBs into a global business worth tens of million of dollars. I am sure that in MightyCall he will be able to do even better.”

Added CEO Alex Minin: “Stijn brings years of executive leadership and marketing experience to our already strong team. Stijn’s arrival shows we’re serious about investing in the channel and building out a strong brand. With his appointment we are well-positioned to disrupt this $60-plus billion market.”

Minin, a telecom and telemarketing veteran and ex-Microsoft and SAP executive, was named CEO earlier this year just as MightyCall posted 150% year-over-year revenue growth for its cloud services. It now boasts data security and recovery leader Acronis as one of its biggest customers, and virtualization innovator Parallels as a technology partner. Big brand partnerships with Wix, Yola, and GoDaddy have further accelerated MightyCall’s growth in the SMB segment.

Hendrikse said: “I’ve been in the SaaS Software space for more than 10 years, leading teams for both Office 365 and Acumatica’s Cloud ERP Service, and I’ve never been part of a team that innovates and ships new solutions to real customer challenges faster than the MightyCall team.

“Our newest product, MightyCall React, was launched just a few months ago and already has thousands of paying customers who love being able to project big business presence without the big business price tag.

“Joining a company with such an amazing technology track record, and entering a market segment that has been so underserved by the big guys, is an opportunity that’s too good to pass. I can’t wait to start telling MightyCall’s story and share our amazing potential with customers and partners.”

About MightyCall

MightyCall is a part of experienced call center solution provider Infratel, which provides complete customer experience management solutions for small and medium businesses. For a low monthly cost and with minimal technical configuration, MightyCall lets businesses use a single phone number for customers. MightyCall also integrates various incoming inquiries from social, web, and email sources, and supports predictive outbound dialing campaigns. MightyCall is headquartered in Seattle, WA, and is focused on the North American, Asia-Pacific and CIS markets. It is funded by Runa Capital and Proster Capital.

For more information
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Director of Communications
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