Sometimes when setting up your MightyCall account you will notice that your voicemail messages aren’t playing as you intended. Here’s some tips to help so you get the perfect behavior every time.

1. Select the “Voice” tab from your toolbar at the top of your MightyCall account and a drop down menu will appear:


2. Select the “Personal Receptionist” option from the drop down menu which will allow you to manage your missed calls behavior:


3. Scroll down to the sections titled “Answering Rules” and find the “If I don’t answer the call” rule and make sure the audio file is set to default or a recording that acts as a explanation of why you couldn’t answer the call (Example: “Sorry I couldn’t answer our call, I’m currently helping another customer and will call you back shortly.”)


Then look under the “Additional Call settings” Heading and under the “Voicemail” Subheading make sure that file is set to the media of your choice. (Example: “Please leave your message after the beep.”)


The reason the voicemail was playing twice is probably because the selected voicemail media file was applied for both “If I don’t answer the call” AND “Use the following welcome message” causing the voicemail to play twice. (Example: “You’ve reached the voicemail of john doe please leave a message” then it repeats “You’ve reached the voicemail of john doe please leave a message”.) Rather than your messages you’ve worked so hard on.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.